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TMCNet:  Used Sony(R) Playstation(R) Game Console for Cash Purchase Program Announced by

[September 25, 2013]

Used Sony(R) Playstation(R) Game Console for Cash Purchase Program Announced by

Sep 25, 2013 ( via COMTEX) -- is now buying and selling Sony(R) Playstation(R) game consoles for cold hard cash. is paying more for used Sony(R) Playstation(R) game consoles than any other company in the re-commerce business. AbundaTrade has purchased and sold over 1 million items since the company's inception.

AbundaTrade's purpose in announcing their used Sony(R)(TM) Playstation(R) game console purchase offer is to publicize the company's ongoing agenda to grow their world-wide presence in the reCommerce industry, including gaming systems like the Sony(R) Playstation(R) game console. People with old Sony(R) Playstation(R) game consoles sitting around the house can now turn to and get more money for it than anywhere else and then most likely realize cash to buy the latest Sony(R) gaming system. From AbundaTrade's view point and for consumers, selling used gaming systems anywhere else is like taking money out of the "re-commmercing" consumer's pocket (the game console owner that wants to sell it and get some cash) and handing it to the company's competitors. pays more money on more products than any company in the "reCommerce" business.

Below is the list of Sony(R) Playstation(R) game consoles AbundaTrade will take in on trade or buy subject to certain conditions: Sony(R) Playstation(R) Vita WiFi Sony(R) Playstation(R) Vita WiFi & 3G Sony(R) Playstation 2(TM) Sony(R) Playstation 3(TM) 40 GB Sony(R) Playstation 3(TM) 60 GB Sony(R) Playstation 3(TM) 80 GB Sony(R) Playstation 3(TM) Slim 160 GB Sony(R) Playstation 3(TM) Slim 245 GB Sony(R) Playstatoin 3(TM) Slim 320 GB came onto the global reCommerce scene when the company opened for business in 2008. The primary focus of the company is to buy trade and sell used items including phones, laptops, sound systems, game consoles, gadgets, and more.

Established in 2008, is proud to be a part of the global reCommerce industry. Their efforts are focused more on trading and selling of used items instead of discarding old items in favor of new ones. By concentrating on the options available through trading items, offers its customers the opportunity to obtain items for less as well as providing an environmentally friendly way to shop. In addition to helping the environment by repurposing phones, gadgets, books, CD's, DVD's and video games, also uses reuses packing material and recyclable shipping materials whenever possible. At AbundaTrade, they believe in being smart and mindful consumers.

"The Sony(R) Playstation game console game console has been around for the better part of 12 plus years. Many people have several used Sony(R) Playstation game console game consoles and other gadgets around the house that could bring a small bevy of cash back to them if they knew they could sell them and make some money," states AbundaTrade's Kent Wagner. "We highly suggest and encourage people to take advantage of our offer to purchase their used gadgets. We pay more for used gadgets than people know and when you think about it just makes sense to get cash money for something that's just sitting in a desk drawer. " AbundaTrade's Sony(R) Playstation(R) game console game console purchase requirements and facts are as follows: 10% more than the company's largest competitors Free prepaid shipping labels with real time tracking so you will always know where your item is in the purchase process.

Instant payment via PayPal or check upon your approval of the offer.

About is the modernization and revitalization of Millennium Music, a once stubbornly successful independent music retailer and Inc Magazine case study. guarantees the highest overall value online for your gadgets, used CDs, used DVDs, used books, used Blu-Rays and used video games. The company specializes in 're-commercing' consumer products by purchasing them for cash then reselling them online. The company typically pays significantly more for more products than any other company in the industry.

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