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fring Mobile Mindset Embraces Real time Communications, Enables OTT Services

April 23, 2014

The explosion of mobile devices -- and our reliance on them -- has completely transformed the way we work, play and communicate. These platforms for communication have evolved from hosts of limited calling and messaging plans to full-fledged computers that fit in our palms. Having access 24/7 to information, contacts and the Internet has driven the expectation for real-time communication; if someone isn’t available to answer our question, we expect self-service tools to be available. If we want to share something happening around us in real-time, we immediately connect to video communication, or share media in an instant.

The power of sharing content on the go is evident in social media – Twitter and Instagram are both dominating services that rose in adoption and popularity as more people started using smartphones. Mobile devices are becoming an embedded part of our daily lives that can quickly capture and share moments as we go through them, and services and applications need to form to that behavior. same goes for mobile communication and collaboration solutions. fring, a mobile application that offers IP video, chat and calling functionality, is an example of a company that understands this “on-the-go” mentality. In an effort to empower service providers and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) to compete with over-the-top (OTT) solutions, GENBAND acquired fring’s OTT mobile IP communications service last September.

fring can connect up to four users in a video chat, as well as texting and VoIP calling. The move enables service providers to white-label fring’s platform to bring their own brand of OTT services to subscribers. It supports service providers and MVNOs in the transition to IP communications by enabling them to embrace new technology and launch a service of their own. Combined with GENBAND’s cloud and WebRTC offerings, customers can deploy advanced IP communications services easily and securely.

This integration with GENBAND’s solutions and network offers a key benefit for service providers: They can deliver a user experience vastly superior to what any independent OTT service can provide. GENBAND’s OTT solution offers advantages such as transparent call routing between telephony and IP networks, extended coverage, mobile optimization and the ability for customers to brand their own service.  

GENBAND continues to support its 700 service provider customers, as well as fring’s 40 million consumer customers with real-time communications services.


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