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CNA Language School Uses Video Communications to Connect Students and Senior Citizens

May 12, 2014

FCB Brazil and the CNA language school recently launched Speaking Exchange, an educational project that connects students and seniors over the Internet. It’s a seemingly simple concept, but one that brings so much power – students unable to travel the world and interact with different languages and cultures directly are able to improve their English speaking skills, and senior citizens in a retirement home can find some companionship.

The project brings textbooks to life. It has pedagogical and social monitoring of CNA – after engaging in a conversation the tool uploads the video to a private YouTube channel for teacher evaluations.

Speaking Exchanges uses the Internet to connect students with seniors, but it requires a free app to install in the users’ computers. It highlights the potential of this type of technology and the growing number of use cases integrating Web-based real-time communications.

We’ve talked about the benefits of video conferencing for online education, and have seen companies trying to jump on that opportunity with services like Google Helpouts. The tools to make education more accessible, collaborative and productive are here, which is helping fuel the growth of projects like Speaking Exchange.

The goal behind Speaking Exchange is to make communications and relationships more accessible, bridging the gap between distance and learning. The project looks at online communications to “make it more real. More human.” For now, the project is in beta.

Check out the video below, with a group of seniors from Windsor Park retirement home connecting with students in Brazil. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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