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Tomorrow Starts Here: Cisco Uses Real Time Communications to Showcase the IoE

May 14, 2014

One of the biggest technology trends driving real time communications is machine to machine (M2M) solutions or the Internet of Things (IoT), which connects billions of different endpoints to different networks, systems and applications to enable smarter living and working. To showcase just how powerful the IoT can be, Cisco started marketing its own version of the IoT, the Internet of Everything (IoE), by installing a connected billboard in San Francisco.

Using maps, a backend network and a series of APIs that talk to real-time traffic sensors, the billboard changes its message based on what drivers are experiencing. For example, if there is a lot of traffic and cars are traveling at speeds slower than 22 mph, the billboard will read, “The Internet of Everything is changing this billboard based on your speed. So you see only what you have time to read. PS: Sorry about the slow going,” followed with the company’s tagline, “Tomorrow starts here” in the bottom corner. 

Image via AdAge

Many times when we talk about real time communications it has a lot to do with traditional phone systems, modern day IP communications and emerging technologies like WebRTC. Part of those emerging technologies is applications like this billboard – taking in big data, analyzing it, putting it in context and using that to customize messages in real time.

It’s pretty powerful. Real time communications isn’t limited to how we communicate over our phones or browsers, but how all this new technology like mobile devices and connected endpoints like buildings and billboards can communicate with us. Communication today doesn’t mean pressing “call” or dialing in to talk to someone anymore – it’s about everything communicating with everything, all the time. 

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