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GENBAND SMART CORE Migrates Columbus Telephone Company's Network to IP

May 23, 2014

As healthcare, education, retail and other industries make the transition to digital technology, networks and supporting infrastructure need to catch up. Global IP traffic is expected to grow three-fold from 2012 to 2017, reaching an annual run rate of more than a trillion gigbytes per year by 2017, according to Cisco’s annual visual networking index (VNI). Enterprises need a way to make sure the transition to IP infrastructure is seamless, and luckily for them, companies like GENBAND are here to help.

GENBAND was recently selected to upgrade Columbus Telephone Company’s network to Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure with its SMART CORE solution, which enables the core network to accommodate to different technologies in a seamless transition to IP.

 “GENBAND was the right partner for this complex project, supporting a seamless overnight network migration without any disruptions to our customers or loss in vital services,” said Trish Carroll, general manager for Columbus Telephone Company, in a statement. “GENBAND’s advanced solution prepares our network for tomorrow’s requirements, while improving Quality of Service to our loyal customer base. We were thoroughly impressed with the network transformation expertise of GENBAND’s professional services team, as well as their partner, Innovative Systems, who supported the project.”

The CONTiNUUM C15 Call Session Controller, part of the SMART CORE solutions, replaced legacy network components that were nearing end-of-life and losing technical support with new software and hardware. The C15 supports a wide variety of standard protocols, interfaces, and features to concurrently enable both IP and legacy services for Class 5 replacement, including HD voice, Centrex, Web portal, mobility, video calling, call logging, integrated voicemail, AMA collection, IP PBX, LNP, E911, and CALEA. 

“Columbus Telephone boasts a rich history of innovation and staying ahead of technological advances in the telecom industry as evidenced by their deployment of one of the country’s first all-fiber networks,” said John Ryan, senior vice president of the Americas for GENBAND. “By transitioning from legacy hardware to our SMART CORE IP framework, Columbus Telephone can now maximize the benefits of its fiber investments, while building out new service offerings for its local customers.”

Learn more about building IP infrastructure with this whitepaper, Building a Secure and Scalable Multimedia IP Exchange .

Edited by Alisen Downey

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