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Twitter Partners with Billboard to Offer Real Time Music Statistics

May 30, 2014

A lot of people send out tweets about music and musicians. In fact, more than one billion tweets were sent out about music last year alone. Also, some 100 million tweets came from music accounts. And seven of the top 10 most-followed accounts on Twitter are from musicians.

Given this overwhelming interest in music, it is clear why Twitter is partnering with Billboard magazine and the two organizations will provide real time statistics on the top trending music in the United States.

The charts will offer rankings – in real time – on the most-shared tracks in the United States over the past hour. In addition, users can search and view the most-shared tracks in the United States over the past 24 hours. And there is a weekly list for the “Trending 140” and “Emerging Artists” lists presented on charts.

Twitter and Billboard have already launched the Billboard Twitter Real Time Charts. The interactive charts show how fans can influence rankings of the most popular songs being shared on Twitter. It is noteworthy that high placement in rankings of the real time chart can lead to musicians getting a spot on the two weekly versions of the real-time charts, Billboard reported.

In addition, Facebook is going to also offer a new method to share and discover music, television content and movies. Users will be able to tag music, television shows or movies by using status updates – much in the way Shazam works. Users’ friends can listen to 30-second clips of a song. A smartphone's microphone is also employed to identify the song or television show. An added plus is that music and entertainment preferences let advertisers know about audience segments.

When it comes to television, Facebook's News Feed will offer specific seasons and specific episodes. It will be offered on Android and iOS operating systems soon in the United States.

These improvements come as social media is one of the driving trends for the increasingly promising real time communications (RTC). In fact, data is to be transmitted in real time on all levels, especially for consumers.  That gives them something to sing about.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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