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May 31, 2014

As technologies, solutions and applications continue to grow to meet the demands of enterprises and consumers looking for real time communications, it’s no surprise that the news and stories each week tends to get busier more active. Here are the top real time communications stories this week.

First up, check out what happened on the Real Time Communications blog this week:

We caught up with GENBAND’s BG Kumar, EVP and Chief Product Officer at GENBAND, to discuss his more than 20 years of technology experience, the changing trends affecting service providers and enterprises as well as what is changing as we shift to an all-software world. He explained that the Web isn’t a very personal communication medium today, but as more organizations start to embed real time communications into Web environments it will open up tremendous opportunities for interpersonal and contextual communications. 

While talks of VoIP, WebRTC and other IP communications have started to make their way into enterprises, more than one billion people, emergency services and the majority of businesses still rely on the PSTN. In a recent blog post, David Walsh, president and CEO of GENBAND, calls for a need for a transformed public network and offered some tips on practical approaches to this transformation.

Microsoft is working on a solution for Skype that will eliminate language barriers. The software giant is currently focused on the development of a language translation feature that when communicating on Skype, it will automatically translate your language into the preferred language of the person on the other end of the call. What’s even more promising about this development is that the translation will happen in real time.

Twitter is partnering with Billboard to provide real time statistics on the top trending music in the United States. The charts will offer rankings – in real time – on the most-shared tracks in the United States over the past hour. In addition, users can search and view the most-shared tracks in the United States over the past 24 hours. And there is a weekly list for the “Trending 140” and “Emerging Artists” lists presented on charts.

In the Asia-Pacific market, the adoption of comprehensive mobile collaboration services is on the rise due to the growing mobile and remote workforce. Users are ready with smartphone and tablet in hand, pushing businesses to leverage mobility to enhance workforce productivity. As a result, the APAC enterprise mobile collaboration application market will experience immense growth over the next three years, according to Frost & Sullivan.

Wearable technology is one of the hottest new trends, merging fashion and technology, improving performance for athletes and bringing futuristic clothing to the present. Whether it’s rain boots that charge your phone, GPS-enabled shoes, smart fabric powering connected fitness shirts or photovoltaic apparel, wearable technology is taking real time communications and data to the next level. In a recent CIO2CMO post, Brad Bush, CMO at GENBAND, goes over some apparel and developments in wearable technology that go beyond the smart watch, eye gear or arm band.

Video conferencing adoption has become mainstream in the enterprise while software-defined networks (SDN) are still struggling to be understood and adopted. There are a variety of new technology trends catching the interest of IT professionals according to a new study from Network Instruments, and yet an overwhelming area of concern continues to be pinpointing the origin of problems.

Check back to the Real Time Communications Community for more stories you may have missed and stay tuned each week for more stories, features, resources and analysis of the industry! If you want to learn even more, there are two key events coming up to mark in your calendars: Perspectives14 and WebRTC Conference & Expo

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