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Vixtel's Unity Tablet Offers Real-Time Telephony and Collaboration Features

June 04, 2014

A new three-in-one tablet product from Australian company Vixtel utilizing WebRTC for telephony features has the potential to be a large nuisance to the desktop PC market. The company has rolled out its Unity tablet, which consists of two operating systems powering essentially three devices in one unit, since it offers tablet, PC and phone features.

The Unity is being targeted to the enterprise market at a low price point of $645. That’s compelling enough to make it a competitor in the traditional PC space, and when coupled with a full suite of PBX phone software and the ability to handle both mobile and VoIP calls, the Unity becomes a telephony contender as well.

One of the most attractive features of the Unity is its real-time communications capabilities, offered via a telephony app based on the WebRTC standard. This lets users make voice and video calls directly from their web browser, to other web browsers. It also facilitates real-time collaboration on documents, providing creative ways for workers to meet and collaborate virtually.

“You can actually bypass all the telco infrastructure and that will allow you to have a normal voice call, video call … and have those running simultaneously,” said Terry Crews, chief executive of Vixtel. The company, which started out selling phone services, PBX systems and network solutions, decide to build a solution that could consolidate its clients’ tools more efficiently and effectively.

The Unity does just that, featuring a custom quad core processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB of storage and a five megapixel dual-facing camera. When the product is in tablet mode it runs the Android KitKat OS, but while docked it uses Linux Ubuntu. The systems run simultaneously, enabling users to toggle back and forth and access apps for both Android and Linux.

Real-time communications functionality includes custom call management software, enabling call conferencing, park and transfer features as well as call forwarding and video calls. The solution also supports fax, live calendar and contacts collaboration and chat. Vixtel plans to make the Unity generally available next month.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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