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OpenClove Offers Service to Enable Free Communications for the Internet of Apps

June 04, 2014

We live in a generation of needing to be connected to everything, everyone from anywhere. It comes as no surprise that when two people or groups of people want to communicate, they prefer to do it face to face, even though they are miles apart. The only real way to accomplish this is through video calls. That means that they will be using real-time video options along with voice and chat options.

While this is something that friends take full advantage of in their everyday communications, there are other areas that can realize benefits as well. One area that immediately comes to mind is education, WebRTC development. OpenClove is a Secure Communications as a Service (SCaaS) provider for what it refers to as the Internet of Apps. It is a company that among other things has been focusing on the behavioral impact of WebRTC.

Last year it was working on removing the word “difficult” from video environments. By taking any Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or WebRTC endpoint and mixing it in the cloud, OpenClove was able to enable seamless video online.  The company recently announced a free real-time communications service designed to enable applications with In-App video, voice and data communications. OpenClove has named it thier FreeMAD Service.

FreeMAD Service is powered by OpenClove SCaaS, with multi-party video, mobile bandwidth optimization, global dialing, web IVR, recording, streaming and peer messaging. In addition, OpenClove recently announced the release of This will provide access to open source code for developers and give them the ability to build native apps for a variety of platforms including iOS, Android and HTML5/WebRTC. By using OpenClove’s source code, developers will have the ability to include Microsoft Skype or video similar to Apple FaceTime, voice calling or messaging features along with their own app context.

According to OpenClove, the service will eliminate the costs and complexity of communications. It will also provide the opportunity to gain from the onboard user interactivity, increased app usage and engagement analytics to monetize, without losing the users to off-board communications apps. This can be accomplished because FreeMAD Service will provide, not only free, but also unlimited usage to any app developer that require simple video, voice or messaging between two users.

Pulin Patel, OpenClove’s CEO, said "We believe that the power of communications will inherently enhance any mobile app with live user interactivity, and engagement analytics.  By providing the FreeMAD Service, we are empowering innovative app developers to build sophisticated, engaging and sticky single-purpose apps addressing a range of consumer life-style solutions and enterprise workflows."

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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