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AudaExplore and TOA Technologies Expand Partnership on Enhanced Communication and Field Service Support

June 09, 2014

When it comes to the insurance and vehicle industries, where field offices and a dispersed mobile workforce are the norm, being able to provide high levels of customer communications and service is paramount. This is particularly true in the case of insurance claims, and appraisals, in which customers are looking for timely service along with close communications. Companies in these industries are typically seeking affordable management solutions that streamline their business operations and enable them to offer the highest levels of customer service.

AudaExplore and TOA Technologies understand the needs of insurance carriers along with vehicle dealerships, repairers and fleet owners. The companies have renewed their longstanding partnership in an effort to bring greater efficiencies, improved accuracy and an enhanced customer experience to their clients.

Field service and mobile workforce management solutions are at the heart of AudaExplore’s offerings, and the company’s main solution is the web-based Power Dispatch service. The offering intelligently identifies the ideal resources for appraisal assessments for insurance providers based on their core goals and objectives. The service is powered by the TOA ETAdirect field service management SaaS solution. The offering manages the entire service process from the time an appointment or service is requested through the planning, routing and scheduling phases. And of course the solution manages real-time customer communications, leading to a first-class customer care experience.

“Our work with AudaExplore is bringing TOA’s unique and proven scheduling and dispatch capabilities to the insurance industry, helping companies increase the productivity of their field workforce while creating a positive experience for each customer,” said Yuval Brisker, co-founder and CEO of TOA Technologies. He added that it is critical for appraisers to be on time and prepared for each appointment, and real-time communications play an important role in that process.

The Power Dispatch offering enables dispatchers to make real-time decisions in reaction to appraiser schedule changes as well as receive status feedback from field staff via a smartphone or web mobility client. Not only does this reduce the cycle time of an appraisal, but it cuts down on claims processing costs. Other benefits include increased efficiency for dispatchers and appraisers along with reduced costs and high levels of customer service. An Advanced Optimization engine enables maximum scheduling efficiency while management reports track and measure productivity gains.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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