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Aligned Energy CEO To Talk Green Data Centers At GENBAND Perspectives14

June 10, 2014

Data centers run a lot of the Internet as we know it. From shopping on Amazon to watching video on Netflix, YouTube or Hulu—or anywhere else for that matter—the data center drives a lot of that movement. It's not just incoming traffic, either; data centers can be responsible for a lot of outbound traffic as well for real-time communications and the like. But data centers can pull a lot of energy, and in turn can even cause some air pollution in some cases. To that end, Aligned Energy—a major name in the green data center field—is sending its CEO, Jakob Carnemark, out to the GENBAND Perspectives14 event, where he'll offer up a keynote address on the topic.

Carnemark's session is titled, not surprisingly, “The Green Data Center,” and will offer up not only a look at how energy is being used in the data center industry as a whole, but also how such data usage actually causes some significant problems in the field. But Carnemark will also note the potential solutions for such issues, allowing users to not only get a better handle on energy use, but also to even note if a problem exists in the first place.

Carnemark offered some commentary ahead of the keynote, saying “We are pleased that GENBAND has recognized the shift to greener technologies and included us in making it a topic of this conference. With the gargantuan appetite for energy that data centers are consuming and the amount of waste currently being experienced, the current model is unsustainable. We believe that nothing less than a drastic reduction and change in how cooling is delivered in a more sustainable way, at the rack level rather than the data center or even module level, is the answer. We need to move towards new technologies while considering lessons from the past in moving the data center industry forward to help customers manage costs while moving towards green data center products.”

In a very real way, Carnemark is right. Some particularly large data centers can consume power equivalent to a small city, by some estimates, so keeping these newfound inhabitant-less cities under control in terms of power use is a smart idea. Some might dismiss this all as more environmentalist alarmism, but even those who don't particularly care about global warming and the like have a stake in this issue. Power costs money, and where power can be saved, then so too can money. So reducing the power consumption of a data center isn't just a blow for sustainability in the energy market, it's also a cost savings measure. Taking steps toward cost containment, where possible, is a responsible thing to do, so whether one agrees with the ecological soundness or the fiscal soundness of the matter, there's a good reason to catch Jakob Carnemark's keynote at Perspectives14.

The importance of the data center in business isn't likely to fade away any time soon, so it becomes clear that the importance of efficiently operating the data center isn't likely to fade away any sooner. Whether going green to save the environment, or to just save a completely different kind of green, Aligned Energy will have plenty of tools on hand to help keep that data center up and running at its most efficient.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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