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GENBAND fring Enabling OTT for Carriers

June 11, 2014

Roy Timor-Rousso, GENBAND fring CEO, took to the stage at Perspectives14 to explain how OEMs are making a big difference. “Everyone needs to go OTT,” he said. OEMs are the biggest OTT companies and with Apple users able to receive calls on a TV, it makes them a large player in the market. Continuing on this topic, he said the OTT market is not just WhatsApp – there are a lot of flavors. fring pivoted some a while back and went on to become a telecom enabler from a consumer brand, he explained.

From this point, Roy went on to discuss two case studies primarily about allowing mobile travelers to have roaming access over VoIP. This allows aggressive time-to-market for the carrier; adherence to existing business rules and is marketing driven. He continued by saying it’s pay as you go – if you use fring of course, allowing carriers to pay only when they have user adoption.

Another benefit is the user gets to keep their phone number and callers don’t need to change their behavior.

If you remember last year when I wrote that, “GENBAND is making carriers sexy” - it seems the company is now making solid progress on their strategy to enable OTT for their customers.

Another case is Quad play Roy said, one customer is allowing communications through any device such as the set-top box. More emphasis was also added to the rapid time to market – as short as three months.

Carriers can also enjoy federation to other social networks if they choose.

Another area of focus was Expatriates who want to keep in touch with friends and family back home. The technology is the same, but the implementation is different, as you are looking to attract students and immigrants. They generally have loyalty to home brands.

He also explained that OTT is about user experience, not technology. It seems more like a marketing exercise than anything else, based on the various use cases.

In conclusion, the company provides components like Lego blocks in their Kandy Store that allows carriers to mix and match their solution appropriately.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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