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Mark Pugerude Talks Past and Future at GENBAND Perspectives14

June 11, 2014

Mark Pugerude, president of global sales at GENBAND, took the stage at Perspectives14 and started off by talking about his key predictions from last year which were connecting networks with networks – through SIP trunking, interconnect and innovation; network transformation for power savings; WebRTC, cloud, NFV and SDN.

From there, he launched into how his company is helping carriers abstract various technologies such as SIP-I/T, SS7/TDM, etc., and normalizes it for customers.

He also discussed how the company’s SIP trunking solutions work internationally – meaning you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Pugerude then discussed distributed SBCs – where signaling is pushed out to where your customers are and referred to stranded capital – the company looks to avoid wasted allocation of resources by putting the networks and signaling where they need to be.

Power is a big issue as electric bills keep going higher.

He said WebRTC is much easier to adopt than SIP and there are 1.7 billion potential users. “You gotta figure out a way to do this,” he exclaimed.

GENBAND NUViA was pointed out as something that allows carriers to roll out VoIP in the cloud without needing to make the CAPEX investment. He says the market is ripe for enterprise customers to roll over to IP, explaining companies like Black Box are at the event to help carriers roll IP communications out.

Also discussed was uReach, which allows you to conduct cloud commerce via messaging in an interactive way that communicates with customers.

Pugerude also said NFV and SDN are in flux – what we do agree upon however is that purpose-built networks are over-built for peak-load and networks need to be adjusted at least quarterly. He explained you can now build for the average environment knowing you can burst your processing power as needed. This is the power of NFV and SDN for carriers.

He says carriers shouldn’t have to wait to make cloud-based decisions, as long as you have a license plan; you can transfer the software to the cloud if you like. License fungibility, he says, is the bane of many carriers as it is tough to predict subscriber growth in one area meaning wasted licenses which were not transferable.

He finished by thanking the audience and setting the stage to have the carriers learn and network for the rest of the week. There weren’t any predictions per se, because in my opinion many of the predictions from last year are multi-year trends which will change the market for years to come.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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