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Tech Mahindra at GENBAND Perspectives14: Improving Collaboration through Real Time Communications

June 12, 2014

Getting the word out to the market on the latest in communications is a core focus for any industry show. For GENBAND Perspectives14, the purpose was to bring together the latest in software, communications, service provider, enterprise and channel partner communities.

Tech Mahindra, a sponsor of this week’s show is in Pod I demonstrating its innovative applications built on GENBAND’s SpiDr Gateway for WebRTC capabilities.

The demonstration is an opportunity to showcase the capabilities of the WebRTC platform and the power of real time communications. Available for the enterprise, service providers and ISVs, WebRTC offers seamless communications as well as the opportunity to improve productivity. It essentially eliminates the boundaries that currently exist with real time communications when platforms and applications vary across platforms.

With this solution, Tech Mahindra aims to enhance business productivity by extending flexibility to the employee base. They essentially gain access to the tools they need to communicate in a new way. One of the key priorities in any organization is ubiquitous communication. There is a real need to integrate real time communications and business processes in a practical way so as to improve employee response times.

Tech Mahindra’s unified communications collaboration solution provides a unique opportunity to integrate piecemeal communication tools so as to deliver flexibility, efficiency, mobility and security in a way that is both easy to use and cost effective. This platform combines email, telephony, chat, web, video conferencing and more in a single solution that is easily accessible through mobile devices.

Through this proven provider, the organization gains access to comprehensive end to end product development, deployment, testing and integration for WebRTC, IP Multimedia Subsystem and Unified Communications for Telecom Equipment Manufacturers, service providers and the enterprise. For support, a balanced team of experts is available to meet hardware and software needs from a Microsoft Gold Certified partner.

In any business environment, the main goal is to keep key people connected so they can stay focused on the end prize – promoting a win for the company. When collaboration is difficult or cumbersome to achieve, it makes winning an elusive concept. WebRTC and solutions from companies like Tech Mahindra aim to change the way companies do business in an increasingly mobile market. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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