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June 14, 2014

The world of communications is flourishing today thanks to immediate access to information and people. Add to that, the chance to interact in real time with data and contacts, and the future looks even brighter.

GENBAND, a leader in this space, hosted Perspectives14 in Orlando this week and the momentum around real time communications and its positive outlook took center stage.

Other technologies and their importance to the space were also covered.

BG Kumar, chief product officer at GENBAND, talked about the importance of NFV and SDN to the company and how much growth potential there is in this space.

Company partner and Gold level sponsor of the event, Ericsson, also highlighted the importance of these technologies and what they are doing in the space. This includes Ericsson Cloud Manager, which is now in version 2.0.

During an interview with TMC’s Paula Bernier at the show, Jeff White, head of fixed broadband and convergence at Ericsson, noted his delight in the event and interest in hearing about WebRTC and the evolution of voice services in this area.

Speaking of WebRTC, CEO David Walsh addressed the technology during his opening speech at the event and noted how important it is as a part of GENBAND’s evolution from a product company to one based on outcomes.

“Walsh described GENBAND’s evolution over the past dozen years from a Level 1 supplier of reliable products to its growth into a Level 2 “complex” product company and now to a Level 3 “optimized” and Level 4 “outcome” driven product company.  Level 4 is the highest level of evolution, emphasizing the ease of use for a customer to adopt a product and the ability to deliver an outcome – a tangible result working with the customer in a true partnership rather than simply tinkering with a product or a service to meet specifications.”

Brad Bush, chief marketing officer of GENBAND  also commented on the importance of WebRTC today and said he believes M&A activity will continue to increase - citing a recent mainstream article on WebRTC in The Economist.

SAP, who was also part of Perspectives14, spent time discussing its next steps to integrate click to call, click to video chat and instant messaging into the CRM process.

“Next generation customers are twenty-first century customers, all digital, all social,” said SAP senior vice president Nayaki Nayyar. 

During her keynote, Nayyar also “stressed how important CRM solutions are in morphing into something bigger that can enable organizations to engage with customers via multiple channels throughout the customer lifecycle.”

Finally, one of the sweeter announcements to come out of the event is a new solution from GENBAND called KANDY.

The new offering is a platform-as-a-service and makes it possible for service providers to expose their network resources using APIs, SDKs, and Quick Starts - so developers can more easily leverage them and bring real time communications to their applications.

To highlight its effectiveness, toy retailer Toy Genius, which has 2 locations in New Jersey and needed a website that would be able to deliver quality customer care, used KANDY, and will be going live in August with its website. There, shoppers will be able to have communications in real time and even have video conversations in real time with clerks who can answer all their questions. A mobile functionality is also in the works.

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