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WebRTC, UC and the New Way to Work

June 23, 2014

Geographically distributed teams and collaboration technology are standard operations for many firms these days, but defining how important technology is to success is featured in a newly released study from Unify.   Volume 2 of "New Way to Work" (NW2W) surveyed 137 business executives and team members around the globe to get a real world view of the collaborative capabilities offered and used by teams and their correlation to team performance.

NW2W volume 2 showed the most successful teams have and use communication and collaboration technology two to four times more than teams that enjoy marginal or no success, according to survey participants.

 “It’s imperative that we equip teams for the transformation that is happening in today’s virtual business environment, using real-time communication and collaboration technologies to enable the new way to work,” said Bill Hurley, chief marketing officer of Unify. “This survey validates how the ease of connecting and the ability to collaborate spontaneously correlate with team success. This is more than just a trend driven by Millennials—the trend is critical to engaging people with ideas and sustaining organizational performance when teams are distributed across multiple locations.”

Many of the technologies studied in the survey relate to WebRTC and more generic  unified communications tools, with interesting implications for the slew of WebRTC tools hitting the market right now.

When adding video to a call, 75 percent of respondents said it is easier to collaborate when they are able see each other.  On the other side of the coin, 61 percent of those struggling or less successful teams either don't have or don't use video capability. Screen sharing is also used by two-thirds of all survey participants.   On less success teams, 19 percent have screen sharing capabilities but don't use it, while 42 percent simply don't have it.

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Instant messaging and mobile UC tools also appeared to affect the success of distributed teams.  On less successful teams, 47 percent don't have or use enterprise instant messaging while 86 percent of successful teams use it.   Only roughly one-third of respondents had access to the same collaboration functions on mobile devices as they do in the office. Those who did have it are far more likely to rate their teams as very successful.

Unify's data indicates that having the ability to conduct video call and screen sharing -- both key features in WebRTC -- improve the productivity of distributed teams.  In combination with more traditional UC functionality, such as instant messaging, and the ability via to deliver key productivity features on any platform through a compatible browser or customized app, WebRTC should clearly have a positive impact.

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