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The Demand for Real Time Communications is Driving the Need for WebRTC

June 24, 2014

As a society, we often tend to downplay the impact technology can have on the way we live, work and play. Especially when a post on the negative aspects of too much screen time go viral, we tend to want to flock the other way and shun those things that have streamlined so many different activities, communications in particular. Real time communications is growing in demand and innovations are matching the pace.

In fact, organizations are investing considerable time and resources into developing ways to deliver on customer expectations for interactions that happen in real time. This often means leveraging multiple channels to deliver messages in the moment that are not only relevant, but also tailored to individual customers. When done correctly, it is the perfect way to establish a competitive advantage.

For this reason alone, real time communications is now a necessity. Today’s consumers have been conditioned to know they need immediate gratification for all of their needs. They’re accustomed to picking up a mobile phone and connecting with someone right away. They expect the same kind of instant connection at work and seek the best ways to resolve issues, collaborate, drive business decisions and more.

While technology is speeding things up, it has become the driver toward real time communications. They are now a part of our everyday life, making waiting for an answer or a conversation a difficult delay. In fact, we’ve come to rely so much on the instant accessibility of those who can impact outcomes that we’re almost prevented from moving forward without it. To that end, there’s a growing need for WebRTC.

Still in its infancy, WebRTC breaks down the barriers to communicating in real time. These barriers are often found in the form of technology platforms and plug-ins. Yes, the very technology that is advancing communications can also hinder it. Have you ever tried to complete a Skype call without downloading Skype (and it’s annoying nuances)? Have you tried to launch a video conference without the supporting software used by the presenter?

If all of your communications were completed with one group or through one portal, these challenges wouldn’t be viewed as a hindrance. But, most users need multiple channels, varying tools and more to stay connected with those in their circle. WebRTC is the next step in real time communications as it eliminates the need for the standard platform. If you have a browser, you have access to real-time communications.

As the next step in communications, WebRTC is truly breaking down barriers and playing into our need for instant interactions. Given the advantages it can deliver to the business environment, why not take it full speed ahead?

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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