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GENBAND CMO Awarded WebRTC Pioneer

July 10, 2014

WebRTC – the technology that makes it possible to communicate, in real-time, browser-to-browser, without the need for plug-ins, has exploded onto the communications landscape as the future of voice. The open source technology is capable of delivering high quality, flexible audio and video straight to a desktop web browser and even the mobile browser. And this isn’t just a trend. Developments in the technology and new solutions and services are being introduced daily. ABI research forecasts their will be 4.7 billion mobile WebRTC devices by 2018.

The rapid growth in this market was evident at the recently concluded WebRTC Conference & Expo, where industry leaders and decision makers gather to discuss the opportunities and benefits of WebRTC and show off their solutions.

GENBAND, which also participated in the event, is one company that has been taking giant strides in the space offering technology solutions like its SPiDR WebRTC gateway and Kandy platform to make real-time communications possible.

At the event, GENBAND’s Chief Marketing Officer, Brad Bush, received the 2014 Pioneer Award  during a special dinner and ceremony to specifically honor a select group of individuals for their visionary contributions  driving the growth and evolution of WebRTC.

“I am extremely honored to be a recipient of the 2014 WebRTC Pioneer Award and look forward to working with others in the industry to help bring to fruition the promises of WebRTC.  Real Time Communications will be key to the ‘Human Contextual Moment’ - creating more human digital moments - that will dramatically improve the communications experience.”

“I have been in the telecom industry for more than 20 years and have never been as excited about a technology as I am about the disruptive possibilities that WebRTC offers,” said Bush.

Edited by Adam Brandt

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