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Videotion Provides a Lively Conversation with Real-Time Communications

July 18, 2014

Videotion is a real-time communication (RTC) and multimedia sharing solution. It provides a virtual meeting space for RTC and multimedia content over the Internet.

Basically, it combines WebRTC with social networks. The result is a lively, virtual meeting space that engages participants. It makes sure there is a human being who can deliver a lively presentation.

“You will get that richness of conversation and communication when you have someone in front of you,” Videotion CIO, Claudio Vacalebre, said in an interview with Carl Ford at the WebRTC Conference & Expo in Atlanta. To see the entire interview, please click here.

“You can also add your content on the fly,” he added.

As a plus, it supports many different vertical markets, such as schools. “We support basically all the verticals where you have needs of integrating the real conversation with some content that you need to share – to enrich the conversation,” Vacalebre said.

The offering is needed now because so many people no longer truly communicate.

“The world has lost this conversation capability and we regaining that,” he explained. “You need to have some digital assets to enrich that conversation.”

Videotion runs on Android, Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, CentOS, OpenSuse, RedHat and other operating systems. It is based on peer-to-peer open source technology.

Among its many benefits is its ease of use for guests in a conversation. Guests can join a room by entering a web address or a preferred sub-domain name. Guests need to click just once, and do not have to install, register or log in. An SMS will be sent to say when a guest has entered the room.

Videotion was designed for the cloud. It can be used too in a private cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid environment. It is available via Videotion’s preferred virtual data centers in Washington State, Oregon, California, or Virginia. Those data centers located outside of the United States include those in: Brazil, Ireland, Singapore, Australia and Japan. 

Edited by Adam Brandt

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