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Women Hold Key to Success in Future of Technology, Business

July 22, 2014

Women have come a long way today in the business world where they are not only valued and respected so much more than the years past, but they also hold significant positions at some of the largest companies in the world and are helping to not only create, but also lead ground breaking frontiers in markets across the world.

Arguments can be made about the work still needed in some areas to ensure workplace fairness even today, but there are still a number of accomplishments and opportunities to be celebrated.

Many industry organizations are centered on the empowerment and recognition of the work women are doing today. In the telecommunications and channel sales niche market, Women in the Channel, a grass roots organization, works specifically to encourage women to be proud of their accomplishments in their professional and personal lives and the groundwork they are laying for the generations of women that will come into the workforce.

Women in the Channel is both an educational and networking organization supporting women in what has traditionally been a male dominated industry. The focus is on helping women promote themselves as the perfect fit for corporate  roles where they can leverage skills and traits  – including listening and gathering resources – that are key to ensuring collaboration and effective change is happening for businesses.

Many of the organizations partners gather for mentoring events including meetings and presentations to network, discuss and support the advancement of women in business.

Bita Milanian, senior vice president of Marketing Communications at GENBAND, 2014 Women in the Channel GOLD sponsor, was recently awarded by the organization for her contributions to the space.

Milanian also presented during a recent conference session hosted by the organization about the ways women are playing an increasingly important role in the communications industry and offered an educational explanation on how technologies like WebRTC are going to change the future in verticals including education, healthcare, finance and government.

The advancements these real time communications services will bring also create more opportunities in sales and business growth for women of the channel. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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