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IceWarp Demonstrates Critical Collaboration Features at WebRTC Conference & Expo

July 25, 2014

Collaboration is a critical element of business success. While some of it is certainly done in person, increasingly, the nature of business today means collaboration needs to be supported by technology. At the recent WebRTC event held in Atlanta, Ian Marshall of the marketing department at enterprise messaging company IceWarp took a few moments to educate attendees about changes to the company’s IceWarp messaging server, which Marshall says is a replacement for Microsoft Exchange.

“At its core, it’s an email server, but there are a lot of different modules that customers can add on and really customize their solution,” said Marshall.

These add-on modules include security features, collaboration features such as SIP, instant messaging and SMS, and mobile and Outlook sync. All the features are tied into a single Web client, so users have everything they need neatly arranged in a single desktop.

Voice and video conferencing today are the two pillars of any enterprise communications solution, and IceWarp took some time to discuss how WebRTC plays into their offerings in these areas. The standard, built into the company’s product, allows companies using the solution to initiate calls directly from the desktop to other users or those outside the company via a browser. One the call is interconnected, the two parties can speak and see each other on video. Marshall also discussed the integration between the IceWarp messaging server and Cisco unified communications.

“You can actually call between the IceWarp softphone and the Cisco IP communicator,” he said. “And it works both ways, so I can call from Cisco to IceWarp, as well.”

Should the call go to voicemail, says Marshall, that recording stored in Cisco will be retrievable in IceWarp.

“With the click of a button, I can listen to my voice mail within IceWarp Web client,” said Marshall. “And not only is this voice mail accessible within the IceWarp Web client, but we also push it to mobile devices, through IceWarp Active Sync, so you can open it and listen to it on your smartphone, and it’s also pushed to Outlook, through Outlook Sync. So you can listen to your Cisco voice mails in Outlook exactly as if you were running an exchange server on the back end, without any of the hassles.”

The IceWarp Web client is also integrated with Cisco presence, meaning that if a user changes his or her status in IceWarp, it will also change on Cisco and vice-versa, according to the company, making the solution an indispensable feature for companies seeking flexible, multichannel collaboration and messaging capabilities.  

Edited by Alisen Downey

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