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SDN, SESSION GRID Simplify Communications in an Increasingly Complex World

July 29, 2014

The world of communications continues to grow more complex.

Communications no longer involves only voice, but also frequently data and video as well. There are more and a wider variety of endpoints out there. Many of these devices are untethered, meaning they and the people who use them can move from place to place while participating in a communications session. At the same time, service providers are grappling with this increasingly heterogeneous environment and the explosion of rich media communications. They are being challenged by new competitors such as over-the-top types that are eating away at their margins and subscriber numbers.

Software-defined networking or SDN, explains Bill Kleyman in a recent article for Network Computing, can help network operators address all of the above trends by enabling complete cloud abstraction, which will unify cloud processes even more; intelligent global connections, for which SDN can help with cloud and data center infrastructure load balancing; and near flawless content delivery, because SDN will let network operators increase network responsiveness by caching rich content closer to users.

“Up and down the stack, as we move more toward a web-telco way of supporting the ongoing growth of RTC (Real Time Communications) services, it’s more important than ever to think ahead to software everywhere – transform your networks – transform your services – and transform your delivery platforms,” says Sanjay Bhatia, senior director of solutions marketing at GENBAND. “The end result undoubtedly would be agile, innovative and productive services for end consumers combined with efficient and sustainable approaches.”

GENBAND is enabling that with its SESSION GRID end-to-end IP communications framework, which seamlessly brings together communications involving all media types, all protocols, all network varieties, and all endpoints. Creating a bridge between enterprise, telco, and web domains, SESSION GRID provides rich session orchestration capabilities to enable dynamic interaction that traverses diverse applications, devices, networks (including cellular, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc.), and systems, and that combines voice, video, text, images, and data.

The SESSION GRID framework is the foundation on which GENBAND’s SMART SESSION and SMART EXPERIENCE solutions were built.

SMART SESSION offers centralized session management to orchestrate, mediate, and regulate communications flows across different applications, endpoints, and networks. SMART EXPERIENCE, meanwhile, delivers open APIs that allow developers to expedite integration with external applications. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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