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At ITEXPO, GENBAND Will Talk About Real-time Communications, Mobility and Collaboration

August 04, 2014

Mobility, real-time communications, collaboration and the cloud are making a perfect storm in enterprise communications today. Once considered somewhat standalone topics, all these technologies have come together in a dynamic way to transform the way businesses communicate.

In advance of ITEXPO, which begins next week at The Rio in Las Vegas, RealTimeCommunications took a moment to speak with Brad Bush, chief marketing officer at GENBAND, about this year’s technology and telecommunications trends, and mobility was on his mind.

“Why should a sales person using a tablet to access Salesforce have to open the application to look for a contact and then pick-up their mobile phone to start a conversation?” asked Bush.

The answer is that he or she shouldn’t. Juggling multiple devices simply doesn’t make sense in this era of advanced mobility, nor do busy signals. Bush recounted his own company’s experience with improved mobility.

“Just as mobility has increased our ability to collaborate internally, customers now have far better access to our team,” he noted. “We can interact with customers from anywhere and access more information while we’re on the move, literally getting answers to customer questions before a meeting is completed. Employees use tablets to host remote meetings or visit the customer and use a client for iOS or Android or even a WebRTC-based ‘client’ to connect the customer’s meeting room with product experts in the US, Canada, Turkey, etc., with full video and web collaboration. We are now more responsive, more flexible and much more efficient.”

Bush noted that the move to the cloud is one of the things that has driven this ubiquitous access as well as “bring your own device,” or BYOD.  Employees can work from home or access business tools from any device, saving time and improving the quality of work turned in. However, there is more to come for the cloud when it comes to real time communications.

 “As much as cloud has been a huge driver in IT, it’s still nascent in real time communications,” said Bush. “We believe that real time cloud services and WebRTC are going to conspire to change that.  Further, we expect that these services are not simply going to be replacements for today’s desk phone or UC client. We expect that the open REST APIs they deliver to finally make it cost-effective to embed UC in business applications.”

On Wednesday, August 13th at ITEXPO, Bush will present a session entitled, “Generating Revenue with WebRTC.”

WebRTC  refers to the standard that allows for instant browser-to-browser voice or video conferencing from a Web site. It has the potential to revolutionize both internal company collaboration and the customer support industry. Bush noted that GENBAND is committed to deploying cloud services and has invested heavily in solutions that the company’s customers can deploy and resell from the cloud. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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