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Comverse Acquires Solaiemes to Boost Service Offerings

August 07, 2014

Comverse, a business telecom provider, has announced that it has acquired Solaiemes, a Spanish company, to bolster its own telecom offerings with a focus on WebRTC.

"Unlike other players in the digital economy, Comverse is unique in its product offering that enables SPs (service providers) to both deliver and monetize digital experiences."  Aashu Virmani, vice president of product management, and product marketing of digital services at Comverse, said. "Solaiemes' technology strengthens Comverse's Evolved Communication Suite (ECS) portfolio, which enables SPs to become digital lifestyle players by easily and quickly launching innovative digital services with means to monetize them."

Solaiemes' expertise in monetizing digital services is key to the acquisition. Many people are opting for over-the-top service like Skype instead of the native voice and video applications on their mobile services. The company did not disclose the terms of the deal, but said it does not expect the acquisition to materially affect its profitability.

Comverses’ ECS lets service providers deliver advanced services such as Mobile VoIP, RCS and IP messaging to offer an attractive alternative to OTT services. This allows service providers to make more money from their customers, rather than having it go to other companies. TMC named ECS a 2014 “Product of the Year”.

The Core service includes SMS, MMS and visual voicemail. ECS Plus includes RCS 5.1 services including group chat, file transfer, video share, presence and geo-location. Comverse Shore lets service providers use social networking and location information to deliver a business case for the adoption of RCS.

New elements include a WebRTC gateway and the first GSMA-accredited RCS API Gateway. WebRTC is a videoconferencing standard that works through web browsers instead of proprietary software such as Adobe Flash.

The WebRTC gateway allows WebRTC connections between other kinds of devices, not just between two web browsers. Comverse expects up to 4 million devices to support WebRTC by 2016.

Edited by Adam Brandt

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