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PanTerra Networks Upgrades SmartBox Cloud File-Sharing Service with Mobile Support

August 06, 2014

Unified communications providers are always seeking whatever methods they can to roll as many communication services as possible under the same platform, so that users can have access to their cloud storage and real-time communication services wherever they may are. One of the most important steps in making this vision a reality is the incorporation of mobile services with unified communications, as this truly gives subscribers the flexibility they need to take their office virtually anywhere. PanTerra Networks, one of the nation's top providers of unified cloud services, made the announcement on Tuesday that they had added Mobile Unified Communication services to the popular SmartBox cloud file-sharing platform produced by the company.

The improved SmartBox UCC will help customers discuss and share documents across a variety of platforms, and the addition of mobile service means that they can be viewed even during off-hours. In addition to the mobile unified communication services, subscribers will also enjoy improved security features and reliability, such as multi-factor authentication and in-transit encryption. The fact that all of these services are also available on a single unified platform also eliminates the potential for downtime due to outages. Mobile support for communications not only includes voice communication, but also supports video conferencing and SMS messaging over several networks including Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G.

Already, several PanTerra customers are praising the benefits offered by the system, including Sutherland Networks. “This is the best of both worlds for Sutherland Networks,” said the company's CEO and President, Bill Sutherland. “I have been using SmartBox for sharing all my customer proposals and network diagrams, and UCC for staying connected with existing clients. Now, with the unified application, I can collaborate; for example, I can video conference with future prospects and current clients, all from a single mobile application. This allows me to take my whole office with me, making me more productive and accessible."

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