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GENBAND Highlighting Benefits of UC, WebRTC, Cloud Services at Industry Events

August 08, 2014

GENBAND announced today that it will demonstrate its award-winning cloud communications platform an annual industry event next week. GENBAND will be presenting its SMART OFFICE UC platform alongside its other business solutions that handle WebRTC, over-the-top content, cloud services, and intelligent messaging; it will also discuss its residential services.

Because the event will be conducted in the Caribbean, Brad Bush, CMO at GENBAND, commented on his company's experience working in that region. He also spoke about the benefits his company's products offer its business customers:

"We continue to experience a great deal of momentum in the Caribbean region with customers seeking real time communications solutions that will allow them to dramatically improve their customers' communications experience," Bush said. "GENBAND is leading the way in bringing to market innovative technologies such as operator OTT and WebRTC-based Unified Communications solutions that empower our customers to create new revenue streams and improve profitability."

Among the products GENBAND will display at the conference are its SMART OFFICE 2.0, SPiDR WebRTC Gateway, fring carrier OTT, Intelligent Messaging, and Residential Services packages. It will also display its NUViA Cloud Service UC package.

SMART OFFICE 2.0 allows users to use chat functions, voice calls, and video calls through the WebRTC protocol, and the latest version of the office software allows users to harness drag-and-drop capability within a single user interface that works on desktops and mobile environments.

Intelligent Messaging expands upon those services by providing businesses with advanced mobile voicemail, voicemail transcription, and video mail. GENBAND offers both the Converged Intelligent Messaging, which helps service providers save costs by deploying multiple voicemail services into a single package, and the Intelligent Messaging Manager which simplifies user communications through one application that handles all unified messaging, mail, and attendant services in a simple user interface.

Its WebRTC gateway help operators deliver chat, voice, and video products over the Internet through a collection of APIs that developers can use to develop multimedia communications apps that capitalize on their existing wired and wireless structures. Similarly, Residential Services supports those structures by allowing operators to easily provide users with WebRTC and smartphone clients.

GENBAND will also have a strong presence at ITEXPO in Las Vegas next week.  

Bush will present during a session on the topic of generating revenue with WebRTC. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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