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Aruba Networks Tackles Enterprise Mobility, BYOD Challenges

August 13, 2014

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve heard at least a little bit about the emergence of large-scale enterprise mobility and bring your own device (BYOD). And if you’ve read about these trends, you’re likely aware of some of the IT challenges they present.

With BYOD, for instance, employees can log into the company network on their personal devices, opening the business to various security risks. Employees also expect the same experience on mobile devices—whether personal or provided by the enterprise—as they have at a desk in the office. To be sure, the increase in mobile working continues to create new problems for IT personnel—problem Aruba Networks is working hard to solve.

This year at ITEXPO, Aruba is promoting its The ClearPass Access Management System, designed to give IT a more straightforward avenue towards creating a system that support strong security policies and allows for an enhanced user experience across the entire enterprise.

ClearPass maintains real-time data about users, device types, application use, location, and time-of-day to give IT unrivaled network visibility, workflow automation, and security for personal and corporate-owned devices. ClearPass can also extend to third-party security systems and support automatic sign-on to web and mobile apps.

“We are really trying to provide as much visibility into the applications that matter,” Husnain Bajwa, Distinguished Engineer for Aruba Networks, told RealTimeCommunications during a meeting on Monday.

One of the other exciting recent releases from Aruba is are the AP-275 and IAP-275 outdoor wireless access points (APs), designed to stand up under the harshest outdoor environments, a key differentiator for the company. These APs run on the company’s ClientMatch technology, which Husnain said “steers a client to the correct AP,” thereby providing the client with the best possible experience.   

“We’re just generally excited about where rich API networks are taking us,” Husnain said.

ClientMatch offers benefits like:

Predictable WLAN Performance

The technology is simultaneously aware of every device connected to every AP and directs each one to a specific AP based on its connection needs.

Ability to Optimize All Devices With Zero-Touch

ClientMatch is part of a standards-based solution so you don’t have to purchase new mobile devices or install new software. All Wi-Fi devices benefit from ClientMatch.

No IT Involvement

ClientMatch eliminates the need to monitor or manage the network. As a result, the end user’s experience improves and support costs decrease.

Effective enterprise mobility and reliable networking are among the most critical missions today’s companies face. Husnain said his company prides itself on taking the time to truly understand these issues, which better enables Aruba to address pain points. In other words, Aruba is committed to walking a mile in the enterprise’s shoes.

Edited by Adam Brandt

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