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The Ecosystem of Embedded RTC - Where Will the Widgets Be?

August 14, 2014

One obvious advantage of WebRTC once it finds widespread adoption is that the days of complex videoconferencing configuration and fiddling with proprietary solutions will effectively be over. But another advantage is the ease with which developers will be able to embed real-time communications into their products.

We are already seeing the direction of things thanks to Amazon; the Mayday button on its newer Kindle models brings real-time communications to anyone with an Amazon tablet, and the result is pretty spectacular from a user standpoint.

This is just the beginning, however.

Once WebRTC gets going, it is going to find its way onto web pages, mobile apps, bank kiosks and any device that offers a screen.

“With WebRTC, real-time video, voice and text chatting and file sharing are never more than a browser window away, whether you're sitting in front of a desktop or out and about with just a smartphone,” we noted in an earlier blog post.

Many firms are already working furiously to offer up easy real-time communications embedding via WebRTC, such as Bistri and Fresh Tilled Soil. But homegrown solutions also are pretty easy to develop, as the Mozilla foundation and others have noted.

Businesses of all types will find this easy access to real-time communications quite useful.

With embedded chat built right into their web pages, companies can add a dash of social easily to their sites. Visitors can communicate with customer service representatives or other site visitors using embedded WebRTC.

Web sites or devices that use WebRTC also can get real-time feedback on their products. Embedded real-time communications enables customers to easily comment on a product or web site when writing might be too much of a hassle.

Web sites also can potentially boost traffic through the use of embedded communications. A superior social experience will lead more visits to a site, and visitors also will be able to easily invite friends on their social network to come see something.

The revolution that will come form embedded real-time communications is one that many have yet to even imagine. But its effects will be hard to ignore.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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