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WTTW Increases Broadcasting Capabilities with Avid

August 14, 2014

Contemporary business ecosystems holistically yield one final product or end, yet on an acute level, their constituent parts are many. As such, in a world where communication is key, and communication not enacted in real-time is just wasting time, seamless contact, collaboration, and constituent party unification is a must. Recognizing the paragon importance of this is WTTW Chicago, a major United States public television station, who recently assimilated into its dealings the Avid MediaCentral Platform.

Before Avid, WTTW was using a tape-based production system that greatly limited its content turnout potential. Utilizing Avid’s platform, WTTW is able to greatly enhance its workflow and macro production process, enabling them to reach more viewers faster and more efficiently.

"The Avid Everywhere vision for the future of the media industry falls perfectly in line with our goals for WTTW," explains Mark Jahnke, VP and CTO of WTTW. "The Avid MediaCentral Platform is helping us to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and raise the level of quality we are able to produce. It speeds up our workflow by 40 percent, which really impacts our ability to do more. We can now manage, produce and distribute media much faster than before."

As well as workflow capabilities, WTTW’s ability to collaborate with its internal and external constituents was greatly improved through Avid’s Media and Storage Suites, allowing editors, producers, journalists, and contributors access to all relevant material from any part of the globe. With Media Composer | Cloud for example, an article writer can edit and submit projects for approval all in real-time.

"Now we're all on one platform, which makes it easy to share and collaborate within the organization and with external contributors," contributes Jahnke. "We can share media assets—from video and audio to graphics—all underneath one hood with ISIS shared storage and Interplay. It's easy to collaborate now."

WTTW commits itself to the creation and facilitation of quality broadcasting content. From cultural to nature, to public affairs programming, WTTW has always prided itself on communicating with the viewers, and now, thanks to Avid, it is communicating better with itself.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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