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Real Time Mobile Communications Redefined By GENBAND

September 03, 2014

Today, GENBAND unveiled its next generation Wireless Access Gateway solution for mobile operators. This new solution is designed to enable mobile communications service providers the ability to go after new revenue generating opportunities. It should also noticeably improve the customer communications experience.

GENBAND is a privately held company that makes IP multimedia application software and infrastructure products for fixed wireline, mobile, and cable network service providers as well as large enterprises. The company is a leading developer of software-based real time communications solutions.

The Wireless Access Gateway supports Wi-Fi access with Hotspot 2.0 for seamless roaming across networks, along with integration with small cells, as well as the core network. It adds Enhanced Packet Data Gateway functionality for untrusted public Wi-Fi access and S2a Mobility over GTP Gateway (SaMOG) functionality for trusted carrier Wi-Fi access.

The previous generation of the gateway was deployed globally with the Small Cell Security Gateway application, which connected to millions of residential, enterprise and outdoor small cells. The gateway is part of GENBAND's new Simply Mobile framework, another announcement that was also made today, in fact it is considered to be a key component.

GENBAND Simply Mobile is a portfolio of mobile capabilities designed to make it easier for communications service providers and enterprises to go mobile. According to David Walsh, who is the CEO of GENBAND, “The mobile communications landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade as carriers and enterprises increasingly face challenges to meet the demanding needs of the next generation of mobile users and sustain revenue growth. GENBAND Simply Mobile is the result of years of investments, acquisitions, and ongoing innovation across networks, applications and services, and is a breakthrough approach that will unlock value for all the markets we serve.”

Instead of struggling with complicated technologies, protocols and development challenges, Simply Mobile solutions gives carrier, enterprises and systems integrators the ability to accomplish the following:

  • Innovate by embedding contextual real time communications into vertical-specific mobile applications
  • Effectively compete through white label cloud-based pay-as-you-go Over-the-Top (OTT) solutions
  • Enable seamless mobility and ubiquitous connectivity by integrating Small Cells, Wi-Fi and cellular networks
  • Expand their real time communications options in an all-IP world

Simply Mobile is focused on five key areas that include:

  • Mobile Application & Cloud Platform, which leverages GENBAND APIs and services
  • Cloud-Based Mobile OTT Solutions, powered by GENBAND's fringe application
  • Intelligent Messaging, which is designed to shift voice mail to video messaging services
  • Network Densification Solutions for Mobile Data Offload, such as access points and small cells
  • Session Grid Solutions, a framework to ensure mobile session security, interoperability, management and a consistent user experience for real-time communications across any network, application or device.

The following comments were made by GENBAND’s chief product officer, BG Kumar, “Service providers are scrambling to remain profitable and keep up with the exponential growth in mobile data traffic, which is expected to grow twelve-fold by 2018. Service providers are deploying Small Cell and carrier-grade Wi-Fi networks to reduce their cost-per-megabit to deliver mobile data and enable new revenue streams. The GENBAND Wireless Access Gateway allows service providers to cost-effectively enhance the user experience through improved coverage, faster data speeds and seamless roaming through indoor or outdoor Small Cell and Carrier Wi-Fi deployments.” 

Some of the key benefits that mobile communications service providers can expect to see from GENBAND’s Wireless Access Gateway include:

  • Securely offer value-added services such as next-generation carrier Wi-Fi with Hotspot 2.0, enabling a seamless connectivity experience to Wi-Fi roamers
  • Cost-effectively expand network coverage and capacity by securely carrying voice and data traffic from Small Cell and Wi-Fi access points to evolved packet core
  • Provide enhanced mobility experiences as users roam between cellular to Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi networks for voice and data applications

The following have be listed by GENBAND as some of the key differentiators:

  • Industry-leading performance and unmatched security at scale
  • Flexibility of deployment with proven interoperability with most major access point vendors and mobile core networks
  • Software-based solution using energy-efficient commercial-off-the-shelf platforms
  • Single platform with multiple solutions for multiple access networks - 2G/ 3G/ 4G small cells, untrusted public Wi-Fi, and trusted next-generation Wi-Fi hotspots

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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