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GENBAND Aims to Simplify Mobile & Real-Time Communications

September 03, 2014

A new solution called GENBAND Simply Mobile makes it easier for communications service providers, enterprises, and systems integrators to create and deliver real-time communications capabilities in mobile environments.

"GENBAND's Simply Mobile framework is designed to help communications service providers address the many challenges they face in today's increasingly mobile-first world," said Brad Bush, Chief Marketing Officer for GENBAND. "From seamlessly connecting disparate networks, to successfully launching competitive OTT services, to addressing carrier Wi-Fi roaming issues, to building new integrated applications using the market's most comprehensive platform-as-a-service, Simply Mobile enables service providers to dramatically improve their customer offerings in innovative new ways."

The Simply Mobile effort includes a platform-as-a-service. This PaaS enables customers to expedite the delivery of mobile and web applications, which may address the needs of specific vertical industries, by providing them with ease-to-use GENBAND APIs and services.

Also under the GENBAND Simply Mobile umbrella are cloud-based mobile OTT solutions that tap GENBAND fring technology. Again, the idea here is fast time to market. In this case that’s accomplished providing users with new cloud-based, white label, and OTT mobile applications for all kinds of end users. GENBAND also is enabling intelligent mobile video messaging services.

Other GENBAND Simply Mobile solutions come at things from the network level. For example, the company is enabling cellular network operators to expand their coverage using access points and small cells. Meanwhile, GENBAND’s Session Grid Solutions allow for manageable and secure real-time communications across any network, application, or device.

As noted in the April issue of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine, GENBAND has positioned itself to help carriers respond to the over-the-top threat both now and in the future. Like the service providers to which it sells, GENBAND wants to be more than just an underlying infrastructure provider. It wants to move up the stack to also provide more applications like real-time communications solutions.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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