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Enterprise Communications Get Real with Atlas & GENBAND

September 04, 2014

Nowhere is reliable, clear and secure communication more important than in the Enterprise. Not only are large businesses under pressure today to cut costs and remain efficient, but add to that the uptake in BYOD and move to IP and the cloud, and that need becomes even greater.

Advancements in communications technology have now taken conversations – regardless of which platform they occur on (phone, email, video conference) and made them real-time. No one wants to be tethered to a desk to work any longer and the only way to remain functional and successful is to have mobile technologies and capabilities with you wherever you go. This demand is increasing in the enterprise space and Atlas Communications Technology, a cloud solution, systems integration and managed services company, is prepared to answer to the call.

To this end, Atlas has announced it is working with GENBAND and leveraging the company’s secure multimedia communications cloud services to develop and integrate cloud-based, real-time communications solutions into their existing product line that they will brand as their own.

Making it easier for large enterprises to trust and select Atlas’ offerings is the fact that they have been in business for 17 years moving Fortune 500’s from traditional to SIP systems for that entire time, Atlas Communications Technology President, Anthony Morrone, told RealTimeCommunications in an exclusive interview.

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“Our experience comes from a specialty in the financial vertical where security is extremely important.  We have deep experience and that makes customers trust us. Having GENBAND in the background gives us that carrier-grade quality. That combined with Atlas’ solutions, helps generate trust from customers - and that’s part of the strength that we have in our partnership.”

Some of the new offerings will include mobile solutions, HD voice, video, multimedia messaging, conferencing, Web collaboration, desktop clients, and more, for both enterprise and SMB customers.

“Mobility is the key to the future of telephony and we really embrace it,” Morrone said. “People are no longer wanting to be stuck at their desk doing business. Together with GENBAND, we can really extend ourselves out into the mobile world with our products and offer businesses the solutions they need to be successful.”

Using GENBAND’s session management software and applications development platforms, the company will offer ConnX UC as a Service, ConnX Collaborator, ConnX SIP Trunking as a Service, and more, as a bundle with their managed services for monitoring and management.

“With GENBAND’s help, we are able to add real-time communications on top of all of our offerings and it becomes something you don’t even have to think about.”

The financial services market, which sets some of the highest standards for reliability and quality – especially in terms of real-time communications, will benefit greatly from this opportunity.

Atlas serves blue chip customers that are comprised of some of the largest banks, brokerages, hedge funds and exchanges in the U.S. The move to create solutions together with GENBAND to address their needs was key. 

According to Morrone, many of the company’s financial customers, and in particular those in the trading  space, are looking for ways to communicate not just from their own desks as was done traditionally with big voice communication devices, but with the cloud, they want to now take that device and be able to communicate from anywhere.

“They are looking at ways to better enhance the cloud and mobile access. And one of the key features were focusing on is trading as a service,” Morrone explained.

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Beyond today’s announcement, there are a host of new, innovative mobile offerings leveraging GENBAND’s solutions that will be announced in the coming weeks from Atlas.

Atlas ConnX Trading as a Service or “Atlas ConnX TaaS” for example, will let traders access their trading turrets anywhere.

“Our discussions with high-end clients are that they are looking for services that are more enticing and robust. They want faster time to market and part of the overall attraction is GENBAND carrier quality. It’s really a win-win for everyone – so we are excited about this partnership.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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