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GENBAND Discusses Enterprise Telecommunication Industry's Transformation

September 04, 2014

At the recent ITEXPO held in Las Vegas last month, TMC’s Rich Tehrani spoke with Carlos Aragon, senior manager of product marketing and applications at SIP trunking, VoIP and unified communications solutions provider GENBAND. Aragon noted that GENBAND has been seeing a flurry of activity as of late, and hinted at new releases.

“We’re doing a lot of things in the WebRTC domain,” said Aragon. “We’ve done a huge push with enterprise with our new enterprise solutions teams, and here at ITEXPO we’re showing some of the things we’re doing with enterprise. We’re preparing a big launch for September, and we’re going to open it to the entire developer ecosystem. Everybody’s going to be able to go there, create a developer account and be able to start playing with the API.”

A new solution called GENBAND Simply Mobile was announced just yesterday in fact, that makes it easier for communications service providers, enterprises, and systems integrators to create and deliver real-time communications capabilities in mobile environments

At TMC’s WebRTC event held in June, GENBAND also introduced attendees to its new solution called Kandy, the company’s platform-as-a-service development platform for WebRTC.

“Kandy is such a good way to provide a platform-as-a-service for Web developers to go there and complement their applications, their Web pages and their Web services with communications,” said Aragon. “It’s very simple and easy to embed an object. You can go there and get some lines of code, insert it in your page and literally, in five minutes, you can have communication embedded into your Web site.”

Tehrani asked Aragon about GENBAND’s acquisition of the carrier division of Nortel, which happened back in 2010 and noted it was, a bit like “David acquiring Goliath.”

Tehrani observed that during interviews at GENBAND’s recent user conference, customers were expressing a lot of happiness with the capabilities the acquisition has offered them, whereas at the time of the acquisition, there may have been some concern.

“They turned out to be very happy with the acquisition and the way things turned out, and also the forward path,” said Tehrani.

Aragon noted that one of the reasons the acquisition has been working so well is because when it was first announced, GENBAND and Nortel executives engaged in a kind of “road show” to help customers understand how the move would benefit them, and how GENBAND planned to invest in the Nortel product line going forward.

“It was not an acquisition just to get customers and convert them to a new platform. All of them continued to have their products supported,” noted Aragon, who said some of the technology acquired from Nortel has even found its way into the new Kandy platform.  For the few products that were at their end of life and were retired, GENBAND provided those customers with a smooth migration to newer products.

As for the future, GENBAND believes that it’s in the cloud, and the company is already well ahead of many of its competitors on this note.

“We are in the process of that transformation, even though every year you mention the word ‘transformation,’ the next year there is another transformation, but the telecommunications enterprise is in flux.”

The company’s transformation strategy when it comes to the cloud permeates every corner of the company, says Aragon, from research and development to product teams to sales teams.

“It’s the right decision to make GENBAND relevant in the new world that’s coming,” he observed. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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