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Real Time Communications Benefitting Higher Education and Recruitment

September 05, 2014

WebRTC has many current and potential applications in various verticals, and higher education is no exception.

The technology, which can enable on-demand videoconferencing between any parties – regardless of their endpoints and operating systems, has an array of applications in the academic sphere. One key use case is recruitment.

The recruiting environment is very competitive, and real time communications opens the door to quick and easy videoconferencing as a way to assess, attract, and retain students. In an age in which both students and parents are becoming more discerning consumers of college education, which we are continually reminded comes at a high and growing price, a real time video interaction can make the difference between a family choosing one school vs. another.

The ease of use that WebRTC delivers means anyone – be it a harried admissions officer, a nervous student, a non-technical parent, or even grandma – can use it, without the time and trouble of having to install a special client or worrying about compatibility issues.

A video interaction, as opposed to a mailing or a call, can give both schools and students (and their families) are better sense as to whether the student, and the college or university are a strong match. And, of course, a video call is less expensive and more time efficient than an on-site visit no matter where the student candidate resides.

While videoconferencing is possible via video and audio conferencing services and systems, without WebRTC, these traditional methods tend to be expensive, are often proprietary, and may require the download of additional software or a special application.

That’s time consuming for everybody, and may be frustrating for those who are less technical. WebRTC eliminates those hurdles for parties on both ends, and can also bring other nice features such as data and screen sharing into the mix.

Colleges and universities can also leverage WebRTC to keep in contact with students and their families after they’ve been admitted to discuss things like financial aid, coursework, and other topics.

According to MarketsandMarkets, the higher education market is an important one and a vertical in which many tech companies have taken a keen interest. That is evident from the acquisitions of Knowillage Systems by Desire2Learn, Ubiquisys by Cisco, and Gale Technologies by Dell, the research firm says, adding other key players in this realm are Adobe, Blackboard, EduComp Solutions, IBM, Smart Technologies and Three River Systems.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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