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Esna, Maeven Wave Team Up to Offer Google Cloud Real Time Communication

September 12, 2014

Esna, a provider of embedded communications solutions, has announced that it partnered with Maven Wave, a business technology consulting firm, to deliver real-time communication within Google Cloud.

“Maven Wave understands that each company’s cloud needs are unique, but that nearly every business wants to improve collaboration and productivity as part of a cloud strategy,” said Lee Ho, Esna’s vice president of Marketing. “There’s a natural fit between Maven Wave’s expertise with the Google Cloud Platform and Esna’s ability to provide seamless communication and collaboration integration with Google Apps.”

Google apps, such as Google Docs and Gmail, are becoming viable alternatives to traditional desktop applications, one of the key reasons being that it’s easier to collaborate on documents via the web-based app rather than juggling email attachments.

The existing collaboration features make the use of Google cloud technologies a natural for real-time communication. Maven Wave is already a Google Cloud Platform Partner, which gives it the expertise to build custom apps based on Google Cloud. Maven will be able to insert the functionality into existing apps, including producity, CRM and ERP.

 Even more than simple real-time communication, users will be able to integrate any telephony infrastructure, which could open the communication features to anyone in the world.

“Maven Wave is excited to partner with Esna to offer our customers enhanced real-time collaboration capabilities tightly integrated with Google Apps, further delivering on the promise of anytime, anywhere, any device, and now any channel,” said Jason Lee, Partner at Maven Wave. “Esna’s solutions fulfill an important business capability for our customers.”

Google itself has also been making a push for its cloud apps in business, rebranding its enterprise apps as “Google for Work” and highlighting its collaboration features.

Partners like Esna and Maven Wave enable companies to tailor Google’s cloud to their needs rather than trying to fit themselves neatly into Google’s existing ecosystem.

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