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GENBAND Takes the Wraps off Kandy

September 16, 2014

Adding real-time communications to an application has traditionally required specialized skills, but GENBAND today officially took the wraps off a solution called Kandy that simplifies and expedites the creation and delivery of real-time communications applications.

In an interview yesterday, Paul Pluschkell, GENBAND’s executive vice president of strategy and cloud services emphasized that Kandy isn’t a static platform. Rather, he said, it’s a, “creative storefront,” to enable innovation, and its capabilities will continue to expand over time with support for things like international calling and more.

Kandy is a platform-as-a-service that enables carriers, enterprises and their partners, and the software community to evolve from traditional communications services to more innovative user-centric services.

Developers can utilize the Kandy APIs, SDKs and Quick Starts to easily build real-time communications into their applications and business processes. Real-time communications capabilities available today via Kandy include collaboration, conferencing, SMS, video, voice, and WebRTC.

Kandy packages all the pieces entailed in real-time communications enablement together so business software providers, long-tail developers, network service providers, and systems integrators can quickly and easily expand existing offerings or introduce new ones. Kandy enables users to sign up, provision users, access documentation, and download developer tools, see real-time usage statics, and connect with an ecosystem of Kandy developers.

David Walsh, CEO of GENBAND commented, “Kandy strategically combines our recent acquisitions of fring and uReach with our WebRTC and cloud offerings to deliver the most comprehensive real-time communications offering for mobile and web.”

GENBAND is holding a partner and press event today in San Francisco to highlight how companies are already using Kandy today. For example, Atlas Communications Technology will be demonstrating its new ConnX Communicator “anywhere” application, available on desktops and mobile devices. SAP is leveraging Kandy in a customer engagement solution. And VIZI Health Networks will show how it employed Kandy to create a WebRTC-based patient care application.

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