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Kandy: A View from the Inside

September 19, 2014

GENBAND recently unveiled its new real-time communications platform-as-a-service, Kandy, and company executives are enthusiastic about the platform in the way that only a visionary service offering can excite.

Kandy is a platform-as-a-service that enables carriers, enterprises and their partners, and the software community, to evolve from traditional communications services to more innovative user-centric services. Developers can leverage Kandy APIs, SDKs and Quick Starts to quickly and simply build real-time communications into their applications and business processes. Right now those include collaboration, conferencing, SMS, video, voice, and WebRTC.

The platform is such a big advancement over much of what currently is being done with real-time communications because it gets away from platform-as-a-service and instead focuses on outcomes.

GENBAND’s CEO, David Walsh explained in a recent blog post how Kandy can benefit consumers, retailers, developers and communication service providers.

Consumers can subscribe to an aggregated deal application and get opt-in offers for the best deals when they are in proximity to a store, for instance. Retailers can offer a virtual assistant to help answers questions and bring more value to the shopping experience and collect personalized customer information in the process.

Also independent software developers can develop a unique solution for a brand such as Samsung and distribute it at the right place and the right time in the mobile ecosystem.

Systems integrators can also integrate shopping apps with existing point of sale systems, and communications service providers can help customer to design applications that humanize the buying experience while also making the retailer more modern.  All because of Kandy.

“Kandy is a creative platform,” explained Paul Pluschkell in another blog post, EVP of strategy and cloud services for GENBAND, and Kandy founder. “Kandy allows anyone to be an architect, a builder, or an entrepreneur. Kandy allows companies to embed real-time communications into business applications and objects.”

The platform helps every company and every employee, be an innovator, basically.

“To date, our communications advances are simply this; we spend too much time messaging and not enough time communicating,” he wrote. Kandy changes all that and gets away from the form to focus on the interacting with each other.

Part of why Kandy makes embedding real-time communications so easy is due to its APIs, as Brad Bush, chief marketing officer for GENBAND, noted in a blog post.

The platform exposes APIs in bite-size pieces that make inserting a presence indicator, a video collaboration session or even a full e-commerce video concierge into an application very, very simple.

“Kandy makes APIs easy for CSPs – using a whole new pay-as-you-go business model,” he noted.

It all adds up to a platform-as-a-service that GENBAND truly believes will rock the industry and change how things are done. And they might be right.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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