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Tellwise Launches Smart Messages for Channel Management

October 09, 2014

The success of any business is highly dependent on collaborating with those that can improve the way the organization does things. Companies that recognize this end up being leaders in their particular field. One of the key components of a successful collaborative relationship is being able to communicate with partners as well as managing this communication effectively. Tellwise, a buyer collaboration engine for selling automation, announced the availability of Smart Messages for channel management to help businesses be more efficient in how they manage their relationship and communication with channel partners.

Tellwise provides organizations with the tools for creating a more personalized and engaging sales process using a wide range of technologies by putting sales representatives in control of their own companies with prospect behavior mapping and focused content. The sales engagement and buyer collaboration engine is a cloud-based solution addressing the needs of a customer base that is mobile and socially connected. Also, by leveraging accessibility to customers, Tellwise gives sales and marketing professionals a way to build a buyer-seller relationship with long-term benefits.

The channel management platform also provides an efficient communication methodology so businesses can interact with VARs across the globe to access the best information about the products and services an organization offers.

Tellwise Smart Messages for channel management simplifies the way businesses acquire all the necessary information they need to make decisions for closing deals.

VARS will be able to create an efficient and personalized experience for each partner with a platform that provides real-time updates of marketing and sales content such as product information, images, videos and more automatically in the Smart Messages environment.

Smart Messages also offers real-time communication and collaboration on any device - so channel managers can respond in real time. And, vendors are able to manage the relationship with their partners by maintaining a personalized approach and measuring partner interaction with analytics while VARs engage with the channel manager.

 “Channel partner relationships are too valuable to have communications limited to emails and partner portal links,” said Conrad Bayer, co-founder and CEO of Tellwise. “Tellwise Smart Messages enable vendors to create a very personalized environment for their sellers, delivered in a low friction environment with real time collaboration features like instant messaging. This provides the vendor with valuable analytics on engagement, resulting in better productivity and a better experience for both vendor and partner.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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