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GENBAND to Present Real-Time Communications Products at Industry Event

October 13, 2014

Multimedia application and real-time communications software provider GENBAND will showcase several of its newest products and conduct a communications presentation this week at an industry event.

GENBAND will focus largely on Kandy, its end-to-end communications management framework, its QUANTIX Wireless Access Gateway, and its OTT Solution - which provides businesses with over-the-top communications tools that they can extend to their own networks. Furthermore, it will discuss the abilities of real-time communications during its presentation, "Limitless Real Time Communications: Intuitive, Collaborative and Contextual," all at Futurecom taking place this week.

The location of the event is in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and it is through that location which Brad Bush, chief marketing officer for GENBAND, said his company will place its focus. GENBAND has worked with several service providers in the surrounding area, he said, so the conference makes a good staging point for further development of the company's newest offerings.

"Some of the largest and most recognized service providers in the Caribbean and Latin America are leveraging GENBAND solutions, and we continue to gain momentum in the region," Bush said.

Real Time Communications World has written at depth about Kandy, a platform-as-a-service product that offers developers APIs, SDKs, and Quick Starts so they can easily build real-time communications into their existing applications. The platform includes tools that allow developers to include conferencing features, instant messaging, and voice and video calling, and they can even take advantage of WebRTC within HTML5-capable Web browsers. Paul Pluschkell, GENBAND's executive vice president of strategy and cloud services, emphasized that it is more than a static platform; it is more of a living document, a "creative storefront" as he puts it, that the company intends to expand over time with more features such as international calling.

Its QUANTIX Wireless Access Gateway, is the world's most widely deployed security gateway, and allows users to roam 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, and small cell networks without interruptions in service. Each blade is scalable up to 1 million IPSec tunnels and supports GSM, CDMA, and LTE networks. Finally, GENBAND's OTT Solution gives service providers and businesses OTT communications such as voice, video, SMS, chat, and conferencing capabilities that they can extend to their own networks. Like Kandy, it is directed toward software providers, service providers, and network operators so they can expand the functionality of their services. For service providers, this can even mean the extension of their service, virtually, though any IP network.

Bush will lead the GENBAND presentation at the event. He will speak about the efficiency and capability of real-time communications and the ability of such products to change how people interact. This certainly informs the use of GENBAND's products because people have more choices than ever about how to connect with each other. 

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