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GENBAND Joins HP's NFV Ecosystem

October 15, 2014

GENBAND has jumped aboard the HP OpenNFV Partner Program, which aims to help telecommunications companies expedite the delivery of new services via new virtualized networks.

Participants in the HP OpenNFV Partner Program are provided with an open standards-based network functions virtualization reference architecture as well as access to HP’s products, labs, and expertise to bring integrated NFV and software-defined networking solutions to the carrier marketplace.

“This development is an exciting one for GENBAND whose NFV portfolio is comprised of multiple, high-performance virtual network functions including session border controllers, intelligent messaging, WebRTC gateway, session control, and applications server solutions, and an intelligent VNF management framework providing seamless interworking into broader NFV infrastructures and partner ecosystems,” a GENBAND spokeswoman tells Real Time Communications.

HP launched the OpenNFV effort at Mobile World Congress early this year. The reference architecture noted above applies to an ecosystem of solutions – including analytics, applications, operational support systems, orchestration, physical servers, storage and networking, and virtualization controllers for SDN.

In other moves that demonstrate HP’s commitment to NFV, the company recently moved Bethany Mayer to become the senior vice president and general manager of HP’s new NFV business unit. HP, which is embracing OpenStack and leveraging the resources of its existing Cloud Business, already has virtualized its Home Location Register and Home Subscriber Service, and also offers a virtual service router. It’s federated its SDN controller with that of NEC.

HP is also claiming a stake in the SDN realm. Infonetics Research analyst Cliff Grossner late last year said HP is seen as the No. 2 player in the SDN vendor space, according to respondents to a recent study by the firm. About 27 percent of respondents polled picked HP as a top SDN vendor, with Cisco in the lead and IBM close behind.

As for GENBAND, as Sanjay Bhatia, senior director of solutions marketing at GENBAND, recently noted, the company is leveraging cloud, NFV and SDN technology, and working with other members of the ecosystem in these areas, to offer the integrated, end-to-end solutions that will move service providers into key players in the new application economy.

KANDY and Session Grid are among the offerings that GENBAND brings to the table on this front. Session Grid is an end-to-end IP communications framework, which seamlessly brings together communications involving all media types, all protocols, all network varieties, and all endpoints. Creating a bridge between enterprise, telco, and web domains, SESSION GRID provides rich session orchestration capabilities to enable dynamic interaction that traverses diverse applications, devices, networks (including cellular, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc.), and systems, and that combines voice, video, text, images, and data. KANDY, meanwhile, is a platform-as-a-service that Bhatia explains is all about enabling service providers and their partners to more quickly and easily create applications with embedded communications functionality and integrated workflows. It packages all the pieces entailed in real-time communications enablement together so business software providers, long-tail developers, network service providers, and systems integrators can quickly and easily expand existing offerings or introduce new ones.

Beyond just delivering product, however, GENBAND is about helping service providers create complete solutions that will allow them to get to market with new apps as soon as possible, explains Bhatia. So it’s working closely with other key members of the NFV ecosystem to deliver tightly integrated solutions. The includes such leading companies as HP and Intel. GENBAND also recently joined the Intel Network Builders program, which is also designed to accelerate the deployment of NFV and SDN solutions.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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