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Cloud Call Record is a Killer Feature

October 23, 2014

I’m something of an archivist at heart, so over the years I’ve collected audio recordings in the thousands. Some of them are real gems, such as a recording of the first time I met my future husband. But the dirty little secret is that I never listen to these recordings, even the ones I would like to hear.

The reason these recordings never get used is because they are hard to access; they just aren’t available when I need them.

That’s why the cloud is pretty cool when it comes to call recording. While we’ve long been able to record calls and store them in a repository, with the cloud we’re able to not only record them easily but also access them just as easily.

This is huge.

Call recordings in the cloud, especially for call centers, can unlock the actual potential of these recordings by making them available when they actually are needed.

For example, imagine that a customer calls in reference to a previous call. If the recordings are available immediately to the agent, they can quickly scrub through this previous call to discover where the issue existed with the previous call. Or better yet: This call can be automatically converted to text for even more easy review.

Or for training, having easy access to call recording can enable both mentors and employees to easily review calls that they have already made. Learning from past mistakes has never been easier.

Having call recording in the cloud also makes call recording easier.

By having the facility to record available instantly and from anywhere, it is much easier to record important transactions or get a recording to make sure that the call is following appropriate compliance regulations.

Being able to seamlessly pivot among text, chat, call or video conference is one of the great benefits of real-time communications. Add call recording to that mix via the cloud, and real-time communications gets all the more powerful.

The archivist in me delights in the idea of cloud-based call recording. But so does the small business owner in me.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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