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GENBANDCare Takes the Hassle Out of Support and Maintenance

October 23, 2014

One downside of modern IT systems is that they require constant maintenance and upgrades. No longer can you deploy a system and let it run. Because most systems interrelate, an update to one system can mean the need to update another. This constant maintenance is made even worse by new releases and security patches.

Of course, ensuring that an IT system is up to date also is an upside of modern IT; insecure systems are kept to a minimum, and the value from an ecosystem of IT systems that work together almost goes without saying in this age of cloud computing.

The trouble is just that many businesses have a hard time keeping up with this constant support cycle, especially as systems get more complex.

This is especially true for VoIP and unified communications solutions such as WebRTC, which is why networking solutions provider, GENBAND, is making communications technology support and maintenance easy with its GENBANDCare customer support solution.

The GENBANDCare portfolio is a suite of post-deployment maintenance services, providing comprehensive software and technical support. Services include 24/7 emergency recovery, remote technical support, document portal access, software release subscription, software maintenance updates and various repair and managed spares support options.

The support solution means that any company with a GENBAND product can stop worrying about this upgrade and support cycle, and GENBANDCare also delivers a safety net for when things go wrong. From immediately being able to troubleshoot any problems, to being able to deliver spare parts in a pinch, GENBANDCare enables businesses to focus on core business and not their networking gear.

GENBANDCare software support also can be quite useful. It offers access to and delivery of new software content to customers for new content and maintenance releases. Not only does it make available the latest patches, maintenance and minor releases for covered products, but also provides access rights to any major software releases that that are introduced during the coverage term.

Carriers and enterprises often overlook basic maintenance and preventative support processes, which create silent performance issues, downtime and issues such as database corruption. But with GENBANDCare, this need not be the case.

Expect to see other industries following GENBAND’s lead. Because the need for managed support only grows stronger by the day as we increasingly live in a sea of interrelated, constantly-updated software solutions. Solutions such as GENBANDCare can help.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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