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What Does WebRTC Mean to Business? WebRTC Evangelist from GENBAND Will Tell All

November 17, 2014

The WebRTC market is increasingly important for technology. It will let users communicate in real time over any Web browser and so far, the WebRTC API is available in Chrome, Firefox and Opera. It provides high-quality communications on the web with network, audio and video components used in voice and video chat applications.

And when it comes to GENBAND, its SPiDR introduces WebRTC capabilities into the company’s EXPERiUS, a cloud-ready solution, and provides GENCom for the Web. That is a browser-based WebRTC soft-client that makes the deployment of communications services much simpler. 

And then there’s Kandy - a platform-as-a-service that allows service providers to expose their network resources using APIs, SDKs so developers can more easily leverage them to bring real-time communications to their applications.

To hear more about its offerings, and all of the latest trends in real time communicaitons, the WebRTC Conference & Expo V, will be taking place Nov. 18-20 at the San Jose Convention Center.

Chris Vitek, WebRTC Evangelist at GENBAND, will be playing a key role during the event.

Vitek has been a board member at WebRTC Strategies, and was a member of the board for the Society of Telecommunications Consultants and a member for the Society of Workforce Planning Professional (SWPP).

On Wed. Nov. 19, Vitek will take part in a discussion, “Can WebRTC Succeed Without Microsoft and Apple?” Microsoft and Apple have yet to commit to support WebRTC, and the panel discussion will examine what will happen to WebRTC if the two large companies never support the standard.

Vitek will also take part during a panel on Nov. 19 titled, “Making WebRTC Work for Any Business.” The focus will be on the variety of business activities that can be enhanced through WebRTC. Leaders from WebRTC companies will explain how WebRTC can work in a variety of business situations.

Finally, on Nov. 20, Vitek will again take part in a panel on “M2M Applications of WebRTC” which will focus on how WebRTC protocols and APIs can be used in creating open M2M systems. It will address using the real time element of WebRTC for M2M applications.

In addition to Vitek, Patrick Gilbert, GENBAND’s vice president of Business Development for KANDY cloud services, will also present during a panel titled, “How are UC vendors using WebRTC to enhance their offerings” which will explain how WebRTC is changing the face of UC and how it could change who is a winner in the next generation of enterprise UC platforms.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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