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Real Time Communications: The Hottest Tech of the Decade

October 30, 2014

Real time communications is a mode of communicating with people and things- in the present time. This is done through network connections and makes communications seamless - just like face-to-face, in-person interactions.

The technology is quickly finding application in a number of industries and plays a vital role in how many of us will communicate in the future with each other and even with machines.

Web Real Time Communications, also known as “WebRTC” is within this same family of technology and relates more specifically to communications that happen via a Web browser, also in real- time (think more along the lines of voice and video chatting.) What makes these communications unique, and a go-to in numerous settings, is the quick response, feedback and ease of use. The communications can be added to a mobile app or a website – without the need of a special phone or video conferencing service or plug-in to download.

While numerous players are already taking advantage of WebRTC to offer live capabilities for call centers and for collaboration and conferencing platforms, some of the more popular WebRTC offerings everyone has heard of today include Google Hangouts, SnapChat and Amazon’s Mayday help button.

With all of this happening in the space, it’s clear real-time communications are not going anywhere. In fact, the latest research from Disruptive Analysis says, “WebRTC is the most important new communications technology of the decade.”

While that’s a bold statement – there’s a lot happening in the industry now to support the claim.

In fact, as the technology advances and more users start to demand instant communications access, we will continue to see new offerings brought forth. And solutions like GENBAND  Kandy will make creating those offerings faster and easier for developers.

According to the  WebRTC Market Status & Forecasts report from Disruptive Analysis,  by 2019, there will be around 2 to 2.5 billion active users of these communications solutions worldwide.

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Also, just this week, Microsoft said it would suppot and integrate ORTC in Internet Explorer and Skype – further solidifying the huge impact this technology will have in the near future.  

“WebRTC is the most important new communications technology of the decade. It is already enabling developers to create a broad array of communications-enabled consumer and business applications. More than 6 billion devices will be WebRTC-capable within 5 years,” said the report’s author, Disruptive Analysis director Dean Bubley.

Bubley will take part in the upcoming WebRTC Conference & Expo, happening Nov. 18 – 20 in San Jose, Calif. He will moderate a service provider focused session titled “Integrating WebRTC with IMS on Wed., Nov. 19 along with other thought leaders to talk about the importance of integrating WebRTC into existing IMS infrastructures so service providers can realize the value of WebRTC.

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