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Acision Empowering Customer Care with WebRTC

November 04, 2014

Customer care solutions are key to the success of any business today. Having customers who are happy and actually want to conduct business with a company is vital to survival in the competitive marketplace. 

Contact centers that offer multi-channel interactions and can respond immediately to customer needs will win the battle. 

Making this possible is real time communications technology. These communications offerings provide immediate response and connections between people - and even machines.

Not just immediate communications, but secure and convenient communications are what customers today are really looking for.  

Acision, a provider of mobile engagement services and WebRTC technology, is one company leading the way.  Today, the company announced its offering contact centers a chance to capitalize on this need with a full suite of solutions along with its forge by Acision platform.  These offerings allow for multi-channel and rich communications in real-time. That means easy click to communicate, video, voice and messaging between agents and customers.

The company is also offering secure, multi-factor application-2-person (A2P) and two-way SMS messaging to ensure businesses have all the bases covered when it comes to delivering what customers want.

According to Eric Bilange, Head of Rich Engagement Services at Acision, customers today no longer want to put up with IVR systems or being passed around from agent to agent and waiting on hold to get an answer.  Instead, they are hopping online and connecting via their mobile devices to companies through chat, social media, and even video sessions, in hopes of getting answers faster and more efficiently.

This is where WebRTC picks up the torch and makes these instant communications possible.

"WebRTC opens up a new era of customer service for consumers and it's not all just about complaints or solving queries. When provided alongside our secure A2P messaging services, enterprises can also send alerts offering a daily deal, explain that a product has shipped using geo-location services, or view that a new item is available for order,” Bilange said.

The company also offers a white-label smart communication and sharing app called “fuseMe” that helps companies further personalize communications with customers.  For example, information such as a customer’s browsing history, username or other relevant contextual information can be sent to an agent so they can resolve the issue quickly or even nab a chance at an up sell.

“Together, our portfolio provides countless opportunities to build better relationships with customers when you have instant access to them - and they to you," Bilange said.

Acision’s forge offering was part of a mobile customer service demo, “Getting Real with WebRTC” at WebRTC Conference & Expo IV where 26 companies competed in live presentations. The demonstration used the forge SDK to showcase how retailers can use Web Real Time Communications via an app storefront to quickly video chat live with a customer to answer questions. It was awarded "Best in Show” for this demo.

In just a few weeks, Acision is returning to WebRTC Conference & Expo V in San Jose, Calif. as a Silver Sponsor of the event, and will be located at booth #69. Peter Dunkley, who is the Technical Director at Acision will also be taking part in a session titled, “M2M Applications of WebRTC” that will take a closer look at the ways WebRTC protocols and APIs can be used to create open M2M systems and how the real-time aspect of WebRTC can be used for M2M applications.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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