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Real-Time Communications Gets Attention at Apps World

November 13, 2014

In the communication space, real-time connectivity is a primary demand among users everywhere. As mobility continues to evolve as a critical focal point to appeal to subscribers, developers need access to networks, platforms and capabilities that allow for real-time communications.

Throughout the global marketplace, mobile service providers are recognizing the need to collaborate with partners by using APIs that allow for the generation of real-time communication apps that drive innovation, generate new sources of revenue and increase the competitive advantage. To achieve this next level of robust performance, providers have to expose their APIs and offer developers a platform for creation that speeds time to market.

At this week’s Apps World event, the talk surrounding real-time communications and mobile app development is centered on such collaboration. The biggest piece of education coming out of this space is how enterprises are currently using and should use these apps. One area where the enterprise struggles, according to App Tech News, is in its inability to be nimble enough to embrace new opportunities.

Individuals are using vlogs and video how-tos in their personal lives, something that should be easily duplicated in their professional lives. Too often, however, the enterprise is focused on projects instead of products, customers instead of users, and profits instead of people. Unless the focus is on consistent improvements and agility, the enterprise will continue to struggle in this new movement.

On the flipside, developers have to have a compelling use case and take a business-focused approach if they want to succeed in such a competitive market. This is the advice shared by YPlan COO, Peter Briffet. If the app doesn’t appeal to the subscriber base or the average user, it’s going to be very difficult for the developer or his partners to drive solid revenue opportunities. This is truly where the enterprise thinking could be a value – examining whether or not the market itself is ready for the app in question.

Then there’s the concept around mobile advertising, something that every company seems to want to get in on, if the business case makes sense. ITProPortal spent some time at Apps World to see the developments surrounding enterprise apps, advertising apps, mobile payments and more. When taking a close look at mobile advertising, the opportunities are immense, yet so are the boundaries. The agility needed to get into this game is often difficult for the enterprise, and that challenge doesn’t even begin to examine the variances between the target audiences.

At the same time, users are getting savvier in their approach to interacting with apps across all platforms. To truly be meaningful and drive sustainable revenue, the business case has to be proven, agility has to be a priority and understanding the behaviors and demands of the audience must be a given. Anything less and the enterprise may just have to sit this round out.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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