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Real-Time Communications Have Potential to Bring $47B to Operators

November 14, 2014

Real-time communications are important when considering what the future of our communications landscape will look like. More and more we are becoming a world that lives in the present, and wants access to things in the here and now – not later on.

Thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices and development of new platforms and technologies, we’re already seeing people demand immediate access via their browsers.

This is where WebRTC has come in – to make connections to people, and to machines, immediate.

Not just contact centers and enterprise business users, but operators also stand to benefit from real-time communications – in the form of contextual offers.

By leveraging real-time data about a user’s location or recent purchases for example, operators are empowered with data needed to send offers directly to subscribers in real-time.

According to a study of mobile operators conducted by Openet, having offers like this sent to subscribers should unlock new untapped revenue potential.

Specifically, global respondents said they expect, “real-time contextual offers sent to subscribers, that can be immediately activated and purchased from the device, would increase global data revenues by 15 percent.” That translates to $47 billion in untapped revenue. 

The survey also uncovered that while this opportunity exists - it has not reached full potential because much of the revenue is wasted on slow time to market for new offers.

To help with this, 74 percent of respondents said a single solution that makes it possible to manage and update offers would bring down the wasted time by at least half.

Openet is listening to demands and has launched a new Real-time Offer Management (RTOM) solution that makes it possible for operators to instantly present offers and promotions on a subscriber’s device in real-time.

 Data including average monthly spend, remaining data allowance and score on the churn risk index are just some of the information being used to compile the contextual offerings.

"The results of our survey show a clear desire from operators to have the flexibility and agility to offer contextually relevant offers to subscribers to increase upsell opportunities," says Philip Hogan, GVP Sales and Services at Openet. "That's precisely what we now offer thanks to the availability of our RTOM solution. We've already secured two major orders for RTOM, which shows that there is a clear demand for this solution."

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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