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Italtel Brings WebRTC to Pasta Master's Operations

November 17, 2014

If there’s one thing us Italians are known for best, it’s our pasta. For generations, Italians have coveted the carbohydrate as the basis for numerous dishes. Yes – we do eat pasta every single day.

News out of my family’s hometown in Southern Italy is now showing how something as traditional as making pasta can benefit from advances in modern technology.

Benevento company, Rummo, a master of the pasta craft, has been in the business of turning wheat into pasta since 1846. The company is the fifth largest producer of pasta in Italy and over the years, has expanded to add new products, opened a new factory and even made investments. The company already offers supplies to more than 45 countries and has seen success -- with exports accounting for 30 percent of total sales.

Not only was the company looking to improve its communications with these other countries, but just as it had grown, so had the need to improve productivity and communications for its employees.

To help achieve these improvements, the company turned to its Italian fratello (brother) for an integrated collaboration platform complete with WebRTC.

Telecommunications company Italtel will supply and install an offering that is based on its Collaboration At Work 2.0 solution which incorporates VoIP, UC and mobility features for staff. This means they can communicate across platforms and increase productivity and efficiency.

To further improve communications and collaboration for its staff, Italtel also added a platform for WebRTC which is based on its NetMatch SBC gateway and Embrace offering - so audio, video conferencing, IM and desktop sharing are all possible with only a Web browser.

"The evolution of telecommunications systems has changed over time and now has an increasingly important role in ensuring customer satisfaction and achieving operational results,” said Cosimo Rummo, president and Group CEO of Rummo.

With the platform, employees are empowered to easily share files like orders and invoices and can make smarter business decisions by staying connected with factories and offices from afar at all times.

Maurizio Tondi, market development EMEA at Italtel, also noted the company’s excitement to work with another Italian company to help improve its communications infrastructure. "We are proud to put our expertise and our know-how at the service of the Group Rummo, which remains faithful to its roots but at the same time cutting-edge. This installation shows that the technology enabled by Embrace is an essential tool for companies that believe in innovation.”


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Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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