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GENBAND Wins Demonstration Award for Kandy Development Platform

December 03, 2014

GENBAND, a provider of real-time communications software, recently announced that it has won the Best All-Around Demo award at an industry event for the demonstration of its new platform-as-a-service, Kandy.

GENBAND obtained the honor at the WebRTC Conference & Expo V that took place this November in San Jose, Calif. Kandy beat out 15 other industry competitors to come out on top. Paul Pluschkell, the executive vice president of strategy and cloud services at GENBAND, commented on the win.

“It is great to see Kandy perform so well against such strong competition, and it is extremely rewarding that judges and the audience acknowledged the true disruptive nature of Kandy,” Pluschkell said. “There was a significant amount of interest in Kandy at the conference and that is a testament to the resources and energy that we are putting behind bringing innovative real time communications capabilities to market that will simplify the communications process, while at the same time making it much more powerful and productive.”

More important than the recent award, however, is what Kandy is and the functionality it provides developers. Kandy is a real-time communications development platform that gives all types of businesses the ability to create applications that focus on communications or bring RTC into their existing applications. With a set of APIs, SDKs, and “quick start” applications, Kandy gives developers the tools they need to bring voice, video, and data into their business apps. This can be as surface-level as audio communication and as deep as video conferencing and message transcription where many parties and elements may be involved.

TMC also reported in early December the company's new hire, Ricardo Diaz. He will be leading GENBAND in sales throughout the Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) region. GENBAND said it is eyeing that region for future growth. GENBAND already encourages developers to register at its website and begin using its free development toolkit. Furthermore, it provides a number of informational videos on its website that explain how Kandy can provide features such as collaboration, concierge, and multi-party video.

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