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LogMeIn Partners with Lionbridge for Real-Time Translation in Boldchat

December 03, 2014

LogMeIn has announced that it has partnered with Lionbridge to offer its GeoFluent real-time translation service within LogMeIn’s Boldchat customer service and engagement app.

“Serving today's connected customer has become both a challenge and an opportunity for businesses. Lionbridge shares LogMeIn's commitment to empower companies to better engage with their customers across devices, and more importantly, to unlock the inherent possibilities created by this increasing connectivity," Steve Castro-Miller, LogMeIn's vice president of products for BoldChat said. "Companies can support global customers and multi-lingual regions in a manner and language that best suits each consumer.”

The new functionality allows for real-time translation into different languages within both the Boldchat mobile app and its Web application. The languages that GeoFluent supports include English, French, Spanish, traditional and simplified Chinese, Japanese and others.

GeoFluent can be customized for consistent brand terminology, slang and jargon, as well as changing the language when a customer’s language has changed. Agents can also preview translated text before sending it to a customer.

While the Internet has made the world even smaller, there still is a language barrier when communicating with people from the rest of the world. For better or for worse, the modern business world is a global one, and that means dealing with people who speak different languages.

While English has become the de facto second language of international business thanks to anglophone countries dominating the business world, there are still plenty of reasons to support multiple languages. A multinational company will obviously want to offer its products internationally in the local languages.

Automated translation solutions like GeoFluent are one solution. While they’re not perfect, as anyone who’s experimented with Google Translate can attest, they’re easy to use and cost-effective while still getting the point across.

“By integrating with GeoFluent, LogMeIn has made BoldChat truly global," Marc Osofsky, senior vice president and general manager of global offerings at Lionbridge. "BoldChat clients can now support customer chats in 40 languages with English only staff.   We believe this means improved customer engagement, higher conversion rates and reduced costs." 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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